Customer Testimonials

This page features comments sent to us about the Blue Circle audio products that we sell. Newest updates are at the top of each product section. Scroll down the page for previous updates.


All continues to sound good with the Blue Circle preamp and amp. I've been evaluating each separately to get an impression of each piece. The power amp is quite a pleasant surprise. It doesn't sound like solid state or classic tube amps either. Rather it sounds like music, with wonderful flow, timing, and a natural tonal balance that is very pleasant to listen to. And to think I said I would never be happy with a solid state amp.

Kudos to Gilbert and thanks to you as well!

Best Regards,

Boise, ID (02/16/2017)

PLC FX2 X0e six outlet

I received my PLC FX2 X0e six outlet Thingee along with my two additional PLC Pucks last Friday and placed it in my system after work. As you know, I purchased a PLC Puck from you a few months ago. After two weeks of breaking in, the Puck really helped my system's noise floor more than I would have expected from a $100.00 PLC. That's why I ordered two more from you, one for each TV.

I bought the FX2 X0e because I wanted a really good PLC to plug in to the Puck already in my system. I'd auditioned a $2,500.00 powerline conditioner that was just released from another company. It noticeably helped, so I was going to purchase it when my wife's hearing aids started acting up and needed to be replaced. That nixed the purchase of the other product.

I remembered reading about the Blue Circle PLC Thingee FX2 in the past, so I read the current reviews on the PLC FX2 X0e and thought, for $2,000.00 less that the other PLC I liked, $500.00 is a no brainer to try. If it didn't work in my system, I could always put it on my main TV. Well, right out of the box it made a big improvement, not like the Puck that took a while to break in.

It beat the $2,500.00 product that I had auditioned for two weeks right from the start. Three days later, it's getting better and my system has never sounded so good! I wish that I could afford a BC60X1 right now. I can't imagine how much that could do, because I've got a really nice system where every change is audible. As you predicted though, the $100.00 Puck and $500.00 FX2 X0e Thingee is inexpensive and addictive. I can buy a Sillycone Filter and an FX2 X1e Low Frequency Filter add-on module and still be below the other $2,500.00 PLC that the FX2 X0e alone easily bettered.

Thanks for all your help!

Avon, IN (08/18/2015)

Blue Circle BC30X1

The custom BC30x1 has been in my system for a few days, and everything is working wonderfully. I'm really happy with the power filtering. Thanks so much for working with me to get this custom unit.

The unit was packed extremely well and arrived in perfect condition. I'll definitely be looking forward to see what other solutions Blue Circle Audio builds in the future.

Sunnyvale, CA (05/08/2015)

Blue Circle PLC Thingee FX2

Hi Walt, my PLC FX2 arrived at 9:50 last night and the sound has improved enormously! Was floored just listening to Richard Wright's keyboards in the background on Atom Heart Mother- loads of buried detail revealed. Could actually turn up Todd's Wizard a True Star and hear the HUGE cymbals crashing properly- lovely. Even CDs sounded better! Is that possible?

Charlotte, NC (12/26/2013)

For those of you contemplating the purchase of Blue Circle audio equipment may I suggest that you consider making the purchase from TLP Audio operated by Walt Stagner. Walt and TLP Audio are everything an audio equipment supplier should be: prompt with his replies, informative, polite, and did what he said he would do. Most of all he looked after my interest.

I purchased an FX2 PLC Thingee recently from Walt. It was my second purchase from him. The FX 2 was shipped to me by USPS Express Mail. What should have taken 5 business days to deliver took 2 months. The USPS missent my package to Hong Kong on the way to the PRC, got re-sent to New Zealand before making its way to me in Perth, Western Australia. A least Express Mail is trackable and with Walt's assistance we were able to follow the package's progress until it finally arrived here. Through it all, Walt kept me posted and promptly answered my emails. If that is not great service then I don't know what is.

Walt - thanks again for your help. I am happy for you to share this email with others.

My PLC/FX2 6 outlet unit arrived today. Thanks for such great service, products, and forum with Blue Circle. All the pics let me know what to expect.... the funny little smell, packing material, and recycled box. I'm saving up for my next purchase. My PLC FX2 is burning in now. Sounds great too. Well, thanks again.

Richmond Hill, GA (9/11/2013)

"Hi Walt,

I finally got everything set up and installed in my system today and I'm very, very pleased. There are two huge and immediate types of improvement: First, I've been struggling with a very pronounced mid-bass hump, as my room is very excitable across a relatively narrow band. I won't say that the BC gear has licked it entirely, but it is a whole lot more under control -- which is not at all what I expected from this stuff, but a very happy development.

Second, it has done wonders for texture and micro-dynamics. I expect it may continue to improve as it settles, but immediately great. Thanks again."

New York, NY (4/22/2013)

Blue Circle PLC Thingee

Walt, I received the item on Friday and I must give you my impressions of the Thingee. Immediately upon powering up my system, I was amazed at the dramatic improvement provided by the PLC Thingee FX2. With classical music it presented a deep 3D soundstage extending well into the rear wall and a new clarity of each instrument. Definition of attack and decay was something that was missing before the Thingee. My speakers sound much more transparent with an increase in low end detail. I especially like the fact that the Thingee can accept my amp as in input with absolutely no coloration. I really appreciate you working with me to find the best integration into my rig.

All the best,

Province, PA (12/10/2013)

True to the "reviews" (and even my ears!) my PLC fx2 thingee appears to subjectively make the music clearer, more transparent, and the sensation of a "background" is lost. Even with my lowly NSCS I am again overly impressed with Gilbert's art.

Williamsburg, VA (10/8/2013)

Just wanted to let you know that you were right all along concerning the Blue Circle 2x PLC Thingee. It's amazing. It's removed a veil of haze or dust that I didn't know I had, and my system was very revealing as it was. With that clarity comes a deeper and better defined soundstage with no attendant loss or constriction. Intelligibility is way up due to the cleaner presentation. Some notes are heard to start earlier and end later, which is always appreciated.

I now have to listen at about a 3db lower setting since the original setting is now too loud for my tastes. Along with the added detail and clarity comes bigger micro and macro dynamics, bigger swings if you will, making for a more complete and convincing event.

I have my Marantz PM15S2b intergrated, SA15S2b SACD player, Samsung Plasma TV, OPPO blu-ray player, NAD tuner and cable box all connected and nothing is amiss. Conventional audio wisdom demands separate outlets for amp and source (which was my original set up) and yet it sounds much better this way.

One last thing to mention is that I can now listen to my system with the air conditioning on. Without the Thingee in the equation, it was impossible to enjoy any serious listening, and the AC is on a different breaker as well. It was only after listening for awhile, and enjoying it, that I realized that the AC was on as the sound so much better.

Thanks for a wonderful and useful power line conditioner that doesn't get in the way of the music!

Valley Village, CA (8/25/2013)

Adding a PLC to my system was one of my few great ideas. I didn't know too much about power conditioning, but for about $250, I figured I would give the PLC a try and boy I wasn't disappointed. Right away, I noticed the bass definition improved. I had to re-optimize my subwoofer settings to account for the change. I noticed more clarity especially in complex musical passages. Overall, the soundstage improved. My speakers seemed to work better together...more like a matched pair, and more of a coherent soundstage.

My system consists of: Arcam/Rotel/NHT and PLC (and it ROCKS!).

North Easton, MA (7/16/2013)

12X Filter w/XOe filters

Hi Walt, thanks for following up. I hooked up the (2) 12X Sillycone filters with XOe filter in the system a few days ago after letting them burn in. After a few listening sessions I do think the new filters made a nice difference. There was a drop in the noise floor, and I did hear an improvement in imaging and soundstage. The instruments and vocals are better placed and I do hear more details in the music. The vocals are also clearer and a bit warmer. The filters are definitely a nice addition to the system. Thank you and Blue Circle for the oustanding customer service. It's always a pleasure dealing with you.

Wayne, NJ (3/11/2014)

12X Filter

"Hi Walt,

Finally got everything set up and installed in the system today. Very, very pleased. Two huge and immediate types of improvement. First, I've been struggling with a very pronounced mid-bass hump, as my room is very excitable across a relatively narrow band. I won't say that the BC gear has licked it entirely, but it is a whole lot more under control -- which is not at all what I expected from this stuff. But a very happy development.

Second, it has done wonders for texture and micro-dynamics. Expect it may continue to improve as it settles, but immediately great. Thanks again."

New York, NY (4/22/2013)

6X Filter

"Hi Walt,

Blue Circle makes the best bang for your buck stuff anywhere. The parallel filters are amazing. Such a huge sonic benefit and since the effect is cumulative I keep coming back for more. I've lost track of how many orders I've placed with TLP Audio but it's always a pleasure dealing with Walt."

Koloa, HI (8/11/2011)

BC86 MKV (noisehound)

"Hi Walt,

Thanks for your great service on my recent order of a Blue Circle USB thingee. I have had it in the system a bit over a week now hooked up to the audio system via coax SPDIF using the Pioneer Elite onboard conversion and am quite thrilled with the HUGE improvement in sound quality I am now enjoying! So, thank you."

Bellingham, WA (5/31/2011)

"Hi Walt,

Just letting you know that the items arrived quickly & safely yesterday. I was able to hook them up this evening and I'm very pleased with them. Good stuff! I look forward to ordering again in the near future. Thank you for a very pleasant transaction."

San Fran, CA (3/3/2011)

Fonlo Thingee (w/CapPack)

"I'm not an expert reviewer, and I cannot professionally comment on the increase in clarity, depth and quietness of background, since receiving the Fon Lo Thingee, with the Capacitor Pack. I can however speak to my changed habits.

I no longer am searching for the next component. Instead, I'm now buying more albums and listening to more music. I'm spending my day at work pondering which album to listen to when I get home instead of pondering which upgrade to do next.

I'm cleaning my LP's to get the best sound, I'm spending time adjusting my cartridge alignment, and adding more pillows to my listening room. I guess that I'm basically enjoying my system instead of being frustrated with it.

To be honest, I had tried other units and had returned them. As soon as I plugged the Blue Circle FX2 in, I knew it was a keeper. Thank you very much."

Los Angeles, CA (8/25/2010)


"Hello Walt,

The FX2 arrived Friday. Packed very well, plugged it in made an immediate sonic difference.

You don't realize how much utility and house current can impact your sound system until you clean it up with a good PLC like the FX2.

Add me to your list of happy Customers.

Denville, NJ (3/21/2011)

"Hi Walt:

I have had a chance to hear the FX2 in my system and all I can say is, "Why didn't I get one of these things before?" The highs have smoothed out, and cymbals sound more like cymbals. Guitar strings have greater attack. Mid-range sounds more lush.

All in all the enjoyment factor has been pushed up a notch. Great little device. Makes me wonder what the 2000 dollar Blue Circle (BC6000)conditioner would do?"

Toronto, ON (3/13/2011)

"I just wanted to let you know that your package arrived this morning. I am very pleased as it is a huge improvement over my previous power line conditioner. I don't know whether or not there is a burn-in period but right out of the box the FX2 is wonderful.

To be honest, I had tried other units and had returned them. As soon as I plugged the Blue Circle FX2 in, I knew it was a keeper. Thank you very much."

"I hooked up the 2nd FX2 to my Media Player/DAC/tube buffers/receiver and turned everything on and put on some music. (The first FX2 is on the equalizer/crossovers/amp.)

I could hear sound from my center speaker. From experience, I know that this means the receiver is running in Dolby Pro-Logic mode so I switch to receiver to Pure Direct mode. But wait, the receiver is already in Pure Direct mode. So I listen some more, I still can hear sound from the center speaker. I go up and feel the speaker cone on the center. They're not moving. Still not quite convinced, I turn off the amp for the center speaker. I've never heard anything like it before. WoW!.

I also noticed that I'm listening to music at a lower volume and there's no fatigue listening for long periods. I had some friends over and they were standing in the living room complimenting the sound system. Then I had one sit in my seat and he his jaw dropped. The two of them proceeded to swap seats and were just amazed at the clarity and the definition of soundstage. Thanks!

Columbia, SC (10/13/2010)

USB Thingee

"Thanks very much for the USB Thingee. No problems with shipment and our iMac/USB Thingee combo sounds quite different and a lot better than our Linn Genki ($2,000+) CD player. Immediately the music is clearer, more distinct and like all good upgrades, the music seems to play more slowly than I was used to. Amazing what distortion, jitter, etc. can do to recorded music.

There are other affordable Asian USB devices out there but given the price/performance, the BC Thingee is a total steal. We could afford to pay a lot more, but why?"

"Thank you for the shippment of the "Thingee". I received it yesterday and connected it to my PC, and works perfect!! I have an IPOD doc and the sound is above and beyond better than from my IPOD. Despite the bad review in "The Absolute Sound" I bought one and I'm very happy I did. Just like bluecircle commented in the review, they had to promote the other "Music Streamer" USB DAC since they had an interview with the owner. After receiving mine, I once again disagree with TAS, the Thingee is great and perfect.

Now I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only "Thingee" owners in Iraq :-)"

CS--Integrated Amp

"I auditioned every new and used integrated amplifier i could lay my hands on in Denmark. I bought the CS before I ever heard it, based on the very positive feedback of the reviews I read and endless e-mail discussions with BC owners. I also talked personally with Gilbert Yeung, the audio genius behind Blue Circle Audio products. Can you imagine the President or even the chief designer of Rotel or Arcam picking up the phone and talking to a prospective customer? Unheard of.

I was looking for an integrated amplifier that was both musical but also very clear and detailed. I listened to a lot of integrated amps that had one or two of these qualities, and some of them had none of them, but not a blend of the three that would make music to my ears. From the moment I plugged in the CS, I knew that Blue Circle had hit my musical tastes right in the bullseye, and as the set broke in, it just got better and better. After about 100 hours of playing time, it's still getting better!

I am not a high audiophile, just an ordinary person. I have less than $4,000 invested in my entire rig - everything new. The Blue Circle CS sounds so good with my modestly priced components, I honestly believe I am set for life."

Copenhagen, Denmark (6/29/2005)


"After a few day break-in period, I now hear a tight, well-defined bass. Everything else has become more apparent as well. The BC95 presents a superb musical image. This is perhaps its most outstanding feature. It is also extremely smooth, especially in the midrange.

I notice an abundance of detail and nuance. The interconnect tends toward being pleasantly neutral, and is never aggressive or fatiguing. Likewise, noise does not taint the BC95's sonic palette. These simple, relatively thin blue wires offer an impressive, reasonably priced musical experience."

Front Royal, VA (1/12/2005)

BC68--Power Cords

"I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the new BC-68 power cords. My Quad ESL 989's have never sounded better, and considering the way they sounded with the stock power cords, that's saying a good deal. The speakers sound more dynamic and the bass is more authoritative and well defined -- you can hear the strings on certain instruments growl.

The sound stage, which originally seemed a little deeper but narrower when the pc's first arrived, has settled in with lateral imaging back to the way it was (although still a little deeper). One thing which I hadn't expected, is the effect they've had on my tv which is on the same circuit. The color is a little more vibrant and I'm seeing details in areas which previously were just "black".

An excellent product and excellent service from you. Thank you."

Encinitas, CA (1/9/2004)

BC61/BC62--Power Cords

"Both cables (BC61 & BC62) bettered my Shunyata Diamondbacks. That was confirmed (repeatedly) with a few of my audio friends over the past couple of months. I even had to loan them out. The BC68 has also made a noticeable improvement, at my home and at a couple of others. There are a few more interested parties in Blue Circle!

I still cannot believe (I am coming around though) the difference the BC61s made when changing out the standard Martin Logan Ascent pcs. I do not know why this works, but the audible results speak for themselves. It is an 'absolute must' for any Martin Logan owner...what an inexpensive upgrade (this only refers to the 'ac' powered versions), what an improvement!

I cannot wait to hear and see their gear at the upcoming CES. I will let you know when the shipment arrives."

Phoenix, AZ (12/8/2003)

BC86MKII/III--Noise Hounds

"Walt, Just wanted to let you know that I received my BC86s. I don't really know how to say this but THANK YOU!!! A BC86 went on my AV System and I noticed an improvement in picture quality right away, the black level seems better, but even better is the picture just seems smoother.

The other BC86 is on my 2-channel tube system. This was actually easier to tell as the imaging improved as well as the lower bass response. I unplugged it several times as I do not believe a lot of the stereo hype, especially power cords.

If it's just my imagination it was easily worth every penny, but I think it really does exactly what you advertise. WAY TO GO!!! Super fast shipping too. Again Walt thank you very much. Oh, and if there is just lead in the box - DONT TELL ME!! I will not ever open it."

Rochester, MN (10/12/2005)

"I received the units today. Thanks for the fast service.

First impressions of the units are that they are every bit of what others claim they are. I plugged them in while a CD was playing (I had turned down the volume while I answered the door to accept the package from UPS) and suddenly it seemed like I had not turned my system down at all. The dynamics of the music (well recorded drum solo) were improved and the soundstage seemed to widen. There also seemed to bit a reduction in mid range harshness. Excellent product!"

Torrance, CA (9/8/2005)

"Just a follow up on the Noise Hounds you sent. First off, they arrived quickly and in great shape; thank you for that! Overall comments, yes nice and noticeable difference in the 'clarity' of my 2-channel system. Did not notice any difference in my TV picture, but whoa, what a difference in the surround system. Must be something in the digital surround process that really likes the Pillows. The 5 channels are now definitely more discreet; a much more 'surrounding' experience.

To be honest, I haven't done a serious before/after/before comparison,but I'm going to try that soon. I've been enjoying my 2-channel system so much lately that I haven't had the tweaking itch. AND, I'll heed the warning about arcing when unplugging and plugging the Hounds; I already received a cute little shock when I moved one from an outlet to a power strip!

Anyways, it was great to do business with you, and I hope I'm up for one of the BC amps one day. Good luck with TLP Audio; I'll pass the word around."

LaVerne, CA (11/15/2004)

"The BC86's helped my Home Theater system which already had an Islatrol and Tice Elite-3 power conditioner. I plugged one BC86 into the subwoofer outlet and the other into the outlet that fed the power distribution to the TV, DVD player, and surround processor/amplifier.

The TV picture color was more intense, real, and free from artifact. The subwoofer also behaved better with better definition and less boom. The sound was a bit purer and more distinct.

Next I tried the pair of BC86's on my audiophile stereo system. It already had a Monster Cable HTS2000 power conditioner. Again, the music was cleaner and purer. The problem from evening utility power distortion was reduced at least in half. My system sounds more musical at all times. The BC86 is fantastic! I need about 3 more of them."

Lisle, IL (7/16/2004)

"I only had a few minutes to listen last night, and I'm not up on all of the proper lingo, but my first impressions are very positive: significant reduction in what I've perhaps incorrectly considered to be digital glare, especially noticeable in the vocals smoother, less harsh). There also seems to be better focus from top to bottom: bass is tighter, cymbal taps sound more realistic and with better decay in the resonance, and overall there's more distinction between voices/instruments.

I've never used any power filtering before, but I'm glad that I gave this a try; definitely worthwhile. Maybe someday I'll have saved enough lunch money to give the MR800 a try."

Kansas City, MO (5/12/2004)

"My pair of 86 MkII Noise Hounds arrived yesterday. Thank you Walt for your prompt attention to my e-mails as well as the fast shipment and confirmation notice. This is truly a professional service. Gilbert, you have designed and manufactured a remarkable cost effective product. You should be very proud. Allow me to give you my listening impressions.

Many years ago I was exposed to the benefits of power conditioning. In fact, I purchased one of the first Power Wedge products introduced to Canada - a model III. Prior to the arrival of the 86 MkIIs my power was provided by a dedicated line that I installed directly from the main breaker and conditioned by a PS Audio High Current Ultimate Outlet ($399 US) which feeds a PS Audio P300 Power Plant ($1250 US).

I thought that I had the best power source that man could own, although my years of experimenting told me that there might always be room for improvement. This thinking led me to try your product with the notion that if there was no improvement in my PS Audio conditioned audio system, I would plug them into my Power Wedge 114 that feeds my home theatre system.

Last night I added the 86 MkII pair to my system without removing any of the PS Audio products. It looks as though I will need to purchase another pair for the theatre room! Even though PS Audio claims to reduce up to 40 db of line noise with the Ultimate Outlet and the pair of 86 MkIIs supposedly remove only 6 db, I could hear a noticeable improvement in the level of musical detail, articulation and soundstage with the 86s in my system. One of digital's many challenges is to get the delineation of different drums correct. My BAT VK D5 cd player, with 24 bit dac, is quite good but is eclipsed by my VPI Jr analog rig for drum reproduction.

I was now able to clearly hear the differences between the snare and tom-tom. The music also integrated better - the soundstage seemed more real, natural and relaxed. Cymbals and piano didn't jump forward in the stage. They remained where they were supposed to be. I suppose that this is due to the elimination of high frequency grunge. Most importantly for me is that the music is now inviting, coherent and engaging. Considering that the pair of 86s is one half the price of the Ultimate Outlet alone, I can't help but highly recommend them to anyone who loves music.

Thank you for designing, building and marketing such a wonderful and cost- effective music enhancing product."

Vancouver, BC (6/29/2003)

BC23--Phono Stage

"I have received the unit and listened to it last night for the first time. Great Sound. Big Sound! The soundstage is incredible as well as the detail. I am hearing new things on my albums. It only costs about 20% more than the EAR but you get about a 70% sound improvement."

Somerset, NJ (4/30/2003)

MR1200--Music Ring

"Although I have not finished completely yet, it is most certainly not a subtle change. The soundstage is far more detailed, without at the same time having details bothering you (an effect I found with Mark Levinson equipment I once heard), voices sound more 3D, and there is lots of room between voices & instruments. Furthermore the soundstage seems a little deeper and its images more lifesize-like. The bass is more solid and vast, whereas the highs sound on the one hand "more high" and yet more "golden like". All in all, one very pleased customer. And you were right on one other thing too, the apparatus itself is very, very quiet!"

For possible reference for others, my system consists of a NAIM nait 5 amp with Chord Co. Cobra interlinks, Martin Logan Aerius speakers with Cardas crosslink 15 speakercable, and a modified ARCAM 7 CD player.

The Netherlands (7/28/2004)

"Just wanted to drop you a line about the MR 1200.It works as you stated! The background is darker and more three dimentional, the wife thinks it's more like five dimentional:) Even had my son sit in and he is a drummer and could't believe the natural sound of the drum kit,even pointed out to me where the drummer hit the different parts of snare from center to rim for different tones.Thanks for your help and time in getting my system more musical than it was."

Harwinton, CT (5/11/2003)

"I received the unit on Monday morning. It worked out of the box. I am still in the evaluation process. Early listening, I give it a pretty good score for its price against some of the more expensive line conditioners that I have used. Definitely better than the Chang CLS 1000 ($1,000) and definitely better than the Hydra Shunyata that I have ($2,400)."

Point Pleasant, NJ (1/21/2003)


"The BC86 arrived safely on Saturday. I can already hear improvement in the upper and lower frequencies - and the picture quality of our TV appears sharper, as well. Because I'm always thinking ahead towards my next audio-related purchase, I'm curious of your thoughts/reviews about the Blue Circle CS Integrated Amp. For comparison, I currently use an Adcom GFA-535 Power Amp (60W per) with the GTP-400 Pre Amp/Tuner, driving Vandersteen Model 1c's. I'm curious about the CS and how it's sound would differ from the Adcom. In addition, I read a review where the CS showed great results when paired with the Rega Planet 2000 CD player, which is the same playback unit that I currently use. Thus, that is what peaked my interest in Blue Circle. Specifically, can the CS Integrated be paired with another power amp for bi-amping use? I ask this because I'll eventually want to upgrade to a larger Vandersteen model, which will require more than 50W per channel to sufficiently drive.

I'll keep you updated on how the BC86 continues to work it's magic."

Lafayette, CO (1/15/2003)


"Just wanted to say "Thank You" for your excellent processing of my order (BC62 Power Cord). Arrived today. QUICK!!! Anyway, put the cord in my system and WOW! What a difference, more of everything! Very pleased. So with that in mind, my Christmas list to my wife includes a BC61 and a Noise Hound, via your company. Thank you again, I very much appreciate your excellent service."

Pittsfield, MA (10/29/2002)


"My skepticism about power cords--which could not have been greater--was completely dispelled after hearing the BC61 in my system, so much so that within an hour I emailed TLP Audio to order two more cables. TLP Audio provided excellent service."