TLP Audio and Entracte Audio Product Customer Testimonials

TDA 10 DAC and Blue Circle upgrades

04/15/21 customer from NY, NY writes:

Walt Stagner, (Mr. TLP Audio) recently coordinated with Gilbert Yeung an upgrade of my 19 year old Blue Circle amp and preamp. Working with Walt was a real pleasure. Not only did he advise me on the optimum options for upgrading my amps but steered me in the right direction of purchasing a super clean and high performance TDA-10 DAC to complement my streamer server.

I quickly realized that Walt is a reservoir of hi-fidelity stereo information. He patiently educated me on the characteristics that make a quality music listening system. He sent me equipment reviews and took time answering all my questions. Walt is a friendly guy and a reliable audio expert to work with.

Happy Tunes to all.


10/30/20 customer from Washington, PA writes:

My system consists of the following components:

Rega P2 with all the upgrades including Neo PSU. Denon CD 14 as a transport into Rega DAC R. All into Rega Elex R integrated amp. Into Acoustic Energy (AE2) speakers. The EF110 replaced 25 year old MIT Z Center and Power Wedge. Also DH Labs Power plus power cords, Air Matrix interconnects and digital cable. Double run of Audioquest CV 4 speaker cables. (AE 2 are bi-wire).

I wasn't planning to add to my initial impressions but I just put on a couple of records I hadn't heard for a while and felt compelled to do so. It was stunning. The EF110 is pretty well broken-in now. I'm not going to try and describe those elements we often use to try and define music, because I don't think that it would do this justice. Sometimes the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

What I noticed was that I was experiencing the music without thinking of those individual elements. And hearing it in a way I hadn't before. I've had two well-known power conditioners in my system and neither one could touch this EF110.

But I wouldn't really consider this a power conditioner because I dont think it conditions anything. It just lets the music flow the way it was meant to. Musically. Well done and thank you.

I have recently had some "moving parts" in my system but today I was finally able to compare my Panamax power filter and surge protector to your EF110 powerline conditioner. I listened to the EF110 first and everything in the music was crystal clear. Then I swapped the Panamax back and immediately the music seemed to lose its clarity and resolution to a degree, and everything was just a bit out of focus.

I swapped your EF110 back, and the improvement was obvious and noticably better. To compare to photography, it was like looking at a scene throught a properly focused lens. There are power conditioners in all price ranges, but for $399 for your unit, I think that I now have a glimpse of the benefits of a good power line filter for my system.

You have been a pleasure to visit with and very patient. Thanks a million for this excellent device.

Very pleased with the EF110. Out of the box it was an improvement over what I had. I have about 20 hours of playing time now and it continues to get better. More dimension, cleaner bass, clearer vocals. Probably has more impact in my system than any other individual component I have added. Seems to be one of the real bargains in audio.

System consists of the following items:

Rega P2 with all the upgrades including Neo PSU. Denon CD 14 as a transport into Rega DAC R. All into Rega Elex R integrated amp. Into Acoustic Energy (AE2) speakers. The EF110 replaced 25 year old MIT Z Center and Power Wedge. Also DH Labs Power plus power cords, Air Matrix interconnects and digital cable. Double run of Audioquest CV 4 speaker cables. (AE 2 are bi-wire).


EF120 with TLP TPC-15 Power Cord

12/28/20 a customer from Delaware writes:

Hope you had a nice Christmas. I know I did. I got exactly what I wanted. :) I am really shocked and amazed at the improvement in my system. The noise floor has dropped and instruments and singers have a presence and sense of reality that I have rarely if ever heard. There is no noise... only music. I am using the upgraded TLP TPC-15 power cord that I purchased. I did not try the stock cord. I don't that I want to change anything since everything sounds so wonderful with the TLP TPC-15 power cord.

tf120 with TPC-15 power cord

I can't imagine my system sounding better.

11/03/20 customer from Sacramento, CA writes:

For the past week, every day, I have thought that I need to send you an update. I was waiting for the TF120 to break-in/settle-in to the system. Also, I had to move all my AC cables so I needed to allow a few days for those to settle back down before any serious listening. Since the EF120 replaced a PS Audio Powerplant P300, which was malfunctioning, I could not do an A/B/A comparison.

Compared to my recollections of a properly functioning P300 unit, these are fundamentally different approaches to clean AC. The PS Audio regeneration was akin to a regulated power supply. Clean AC, but in the form of an iron fist without a velvet glove. The P300 controlled the AC going to the components and took them along for a ride. Bass control may be marginally better with AC regeneration. In this setup, my power amp was plugged into the wall through a PS Audio high-current Ultimate Outlet, along with my subwoofer. The P300 was plugged into the wall through a second PS Audio Ultimate Outlet (for surge).

The EF120 is different. It seems to take the components on a willing journey with clean AC as the conduit. I would not describe the noise floor as seeming to be lower, meaning blacker blacks. Instead, it is as if a layer of noise that rode on top of the music, and changed linearly with the volume, has been wiped clean. The sound is now more pure. I can't measure the spl's before with the P300 and after with the EF120, but I swear the volume seems slightly lower, which I attribute to the noise being filtered out. Now, I have begun slightly adjusting the crossover point by a few Hz and lowering the volume by 1dB of my subwoofer.

Further improvement was had by plugging my power amp into the EF120 Further improvement was had by plugging my power amp into the EF120 along with the components. Now, the sound was more cut from the same cloth, more harmonious. I have the EF120 plugged into the wall through the high-current Ultimate Outlet and the subwoofer plugged into the wall through the second Ultimate Outlet (I need an 8ft long AC cord for the sub to reach the EF120). I also have some Audioprism Quietlines plugged in by the turntable motor and next to the subwoofer, and next to the refrigerator and washing machine.This is the new permanent AC configuration for the system.

Strangely, my new Denon SACD player sounds more analog with the EF120. Perhaps this is not from noise reduction from the AC into the Denon, but OUT of the Denon into the AC. This is somewhat surprising because I am using a JPS Labs Digital AC cord. The only other components I have plugged into the EF120 is the logic supply for my preamp and my phono stage. I have a tuner and headphone amp also plugged in, but those are usually powered down. The turntable motor is plugged into an old Adcom ACE-515 AC Enhancer separate from the EF120.

I can see many different approaches to AC conditioning having their own validity and personal preference. The cost-effectiveness of the EF units are without peer. There are some balanced AC units I would like to try, but could never afford their $5k costs. Even if you offered me any AC regenerator regardless of cost to swap out for the EF120, I would decline. The size and heat generated by those units are no longer welcome in my system.

I am so happy I found TLP Audio and was able to support an independent audio company and an independent designer in Gilbert Yeung, who I always admired with Blue Circle. Thank you, Walt. You were very patient with me and very accommodating during the 3 weeks it took me to decide to go down the EF path, one that leads to many rewards.

ef120 mounting board

PS: The IKEA Aptilig bamboo cutting board is a perfect support under the EF units. It's dimensions are 9 1/2" x 6" and it costs only $5. I have the board sitting on 3 brass cones and the EF120 resting on that sitting on 3 Black Diamond Racing Mk 4 cones.



The EF130 replaced my modified VansEvers Clean Line and a PSAudio P300 regenerator. Now I don't have to wait anymore into the night at 2am for my system to sound really good!

Ptan's ef130 systempic

Notably, metal sounds like metal, yet there is nothing harsh or bright about the sound. Drum brushes, cymbal crashes, voices bloom and are held steadily within their space in such a stunning and realistic manner. My new Quicksilver Audio Mono 120 sounds fantastic hooked up to the F130 with thunderous dynamics when called upon to perform, and as a bonus, my Chord Huei phono, which one forum wrote it had extremely poor measurements with huge amounts of noise is no longer an issue. I may have to look into the getting the TLP Audio TDA 10DAC in the near future.

My system consists of the following items:

  • Feastrex NFex5 field coil single driver
  • Twin REL subwoofers
  • Slagle Silver autoformer volume control
  • Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, Rega, Chord Analog

  • EF130

    05/25/21...Must read!

    This commentary is regarding the EF-130 power filter, I'll have something for the phono stage later. I plugged in the EF-130 and listened. I unplugged it and listened again. After several repetitions, I may have sent Walt an email accusing him and Gilbert of witchery. (Possibly verbatim quote: Are you people witches?)

    Walt's comment: YES Gilbert and I enjoyed the above comment.

    Later, I sent Walt some additional feedback that was carefully considered and not insane at all (Yup, still witches.) When asked to explain this behavior, I can only point to That Specific Instrument "Right There", which prior to the EF-130 had only been that Vague Sound somewhere "over there".

    This kept happening, and it kept happening with recordings I'd heard literally hundreds of times. When confronted by previously unreal circumstances, apparently my brain reaches for witchcraft as the most logical explanation.

    Here's how to decide if you need one of the power filters that TLP Audio has for sale: Ask yourself, do you have one yet? Here's how to decide which one to buy: Ask yourself, six months from now, are you going to remember whatever it was that you bought with the money you savedĚ by not getting the one you really want?

    I admit, I am a little annoyed at the EF-130, because now apparently I need a few more for the TV, the home studio, the etc. At least I think that's what that equipment is telling me, it's a little "fuzzy". I'll probably hear it more clearly if I got it a nice new filter...


    I have always thought of power conditioners more as a tweak rather than a component. The EF130 has convinced me that I waited far to long to prove the error of my thinking. The improvement was neither subtle nor marred with compromises. No added hardness with the detail. No squashing Of dynamics with the lowered noise floor. I love recordings that feature bass guitar or double bass front and center. It was immediately apparent to me that the leading edges of notes were more clearly presented along with a very natural tonal warmth to the body of notes. Dynamics improved, noticeably at lower volumes. The space between instruments increased.

    Listener fatigue is at an all time low. Adding the EF130 was an upgrade on par with every other component upgrade I have ever made. It is a true bargain.


    I received my EF130 on Thu 17 May 2019 and it is "burning in" as I write this. To establish how the EF130 fared against my existing Blue Circle filter set up, comprised of a Blue Circle FX2XOE 6 filter augmented by 2 6X Sillycone filters and 1 RPD 15 DC blocker, LessLoss 64x Firewall, and 1 High Fidelity MC 0.5, I connected my amplifier (Gryphon Antileon Signature) to it and my pre-amp (Gryphon Sonata Allegro) and phono stage (Gryphon Legato) to the EF130.

    My subwoofers, which run off an older Blue Circle FX2xoe, were plugged into the EF130. The EF130 was isolated from the ground with the Audio Points (2 inch model/APCD 4 coupling feet for each cone). Before ending up with the Audio Points I compared them to other accessories I had on hand (Stillpoints SSs and 5s, Shun Mook diamond footers and Symposium ultra padz).

    I was pleased with what I was hearing: a transparent and dimensional soundscape, tonally accurate and an increase in the level of micro detail, little cues that enhance a listener's connection to the music. I certainly didn't recall getting this level of performance from my old Blue Circle filter or other conditioners. A few days later I decided to swap the amplifier over to the EF130 and the preamp and phono stage to the Blue Circle filter. The outcome of this change was that the performance of the system improved even further.

    All of the qualities I described earlier were further enhanced. The amp, preamp and phono stage sound great. The overal system was sounding great. In the owner's manual Gryphon advises owners to listen to their equipment without any "tweaks" before implementing them. I can attest to this. If I introduce any accessory it adversely affects the sound but the EF130 does not do this.

    Perhaps there's another EF130 for me in the near future?


    My system is as follows: Linn LP12 w/Karousel/Radikal/Keel/Trampolin 2/Ekos SE/Audio-Technica VM760SLC (sorry for all that if you're not a Linnie), Lejonklou Entity MC phone stage (sitting idle while I wait on a Linn Krystal MC cartridge to arrive), Coda 07x preamp (latest version), Coda #30 amp, Marantz SA-KI Ruby SACD player, Marantz 2325 Receiver (fully restored), Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck. All of of this is plugged into my new Entracte EF130 which is tucked nicely behind my Butcherblock Acoustics equipment rack and sitting on a maple cutting board to keep it off the carpet.

    My System

    The EF130 replaced a Blue Circle PLC FX2 X0e, so I was already enjoying pretty good power filtration. To be honest, I didn't have the desire to do any swapping back and forth between the FX2X0e and the EF130 to hear what improvement there was...I'll let the professional reviewers, and anyone else with that desire do that. I just wanted to get everything plugged into the EF130 to start break-in and enjoy listening to music. What I can say is my system has never had quieter backgrounds. I hear more details in the music and less AC hash.

    My EF130

    I hear absolutely no current limiting with the entire system plugged into it, and my Coda #30 amp is a 100lb, 300wpc into 8 ohms (600wpc into 4 ohms) monster with each channel having it's own 2kVA toroidal transformer. Tone, attack, decay, air, soundstage, imaging, PRaT, dynamics, musicality...are all superb. I definitely have zero desire to chase after minuscule improvement (most likely) for substantially more money (without question!) with other conditioners. This EF130 is staying!

    TF100 (8/24/21)

    "I recently upgraded my entire system. Power conditioning and A/C cables came last. I had been using a Blue Circle puck into a BPT PPC strip with passive noise reduction element lining the case. I was looking to buy my first 'serious' power conditioner, looking at well known brands used between $700 and $2000. It was amazing to see how quickly the discounted conditioners were snatched up. It occurred to me it would do no harm to just upgrade the power cables and my BC puck. Enter the double puck tf100. It is a huge improvement over the BC puck. Besides the convenience of extra outlets, the sound became more impactful with a strengthening of the overall image & reinforcement of the soundstage. The phono stage improvement is especially noticeable, when plugged directly into the tf100.

    I'm glad I "whiffed" on the Hydras on Audiomart. If you're worried about power conditioning affecting dynamics and amplifier oomph, the TF100 won't do that at all. It sure beats spending two thousand dollars to ironically increase the chance of "audio nervosa."

    TLP Audio TPS 20 Phono Stage (8/25/21)

    "I finally got around to doing a proper setup on my mono rig, a Pro-Ject 1 Xpression with a SoundSmith Otello high-output mono cartridge. The rest of the system is similarly low-budget, just enough to horse around with mono. (OK the amp is a Blue Circle BC 204). The phono stage is my beloved Lounge Audio MkIII, and after a few hours with the protractor I had it sounding really good. Like, wow I cannot believe the difference a proper cartridge setup makes, and now I must go do this to my main system like right now.

    I wonder what this would sound like run through my newly-purchased TPS 20? So I listened to a Decca Petrouchka carefully, swapped, sat down to listen again. This was a mistake. For some people, with some drugs, the very first time they take it, their brains light up like a borealis in recognition. Thereafter, the brain knows what it wants now. It doesn't always happen instantly like this, but if you've ever been addicted to anything then you have a good idea what that moment must feel like.

    And when it shows up out of nowhere, out of a pair of speakers of all things, it's jarring, and comes with a little light show of its own, warning: step carefully, it's ok, not everything has to sound as amazing as you now know this system can sound, you can just put the old preamp back (see, it's already got me calling it the old one, like it's inevitable.) Anyway. Thanks a lot for selling me the TPS 20. Now apparently I need another one, or something."