...Because Powerline Noise Is Everywhere

TLP Audio Powerline Filters w/latest technology designed by Gilbert Yeung (formerly of Blue Circle audio)

TF Powerline Filter Series

For the past 15 years, TLP Audio has been selling the best value powerline filters from Blue Circle Audio. It is only a natural progression for us to offer Gilbert's newest designs as the NEW best value powerline conditioners possible. After many hours of discussions with Gilbert,and knowing how his creative mind works, he has designed a new series of powerline filters for us: the models TF110, TF120 and TF130.

Although the underlying design is similar to the legacy Blue Circle models, the latest filtering technology is used. The result is a significant audible improvement from the legacy models. Here are some specifics: All 3 models:

  • are enclosed in a metal chassis
  • have 6 outlets
  • include an AWG14 power cord.
  • How do these units compare to the legacy Blue Circle models?

  • The TF110 has 35% more filtering than a BC Double Puck and has a total of 6 outlets, compared to the Double Puck's 4 outlets.
  • The TF120 has 20% more filtering than the BC FX-2X0e.
  • The TF130 has 36% more filtering power than a BC 660si. The EF130 is destined to become the value leader of the power conditioner pack.
  • There is more to these new designs than just filtering power. Specifically, it's HOW these filters actually work. Some products, that we all use every day, actually generate noise that they dump onto our powerlines thereby causing noise pollution. Some good examples of this are electronic devices using digital power supples such as computers, video monitors, and televisions. Also, a few of today's audiophile-grade power products even generate noise that pollutes powerlines.

    Although it sounds hard to believe, some companies' powerline conditioners alter the sound, of gear plugged int them, rather than clean the powerline. This means that they change the sound in such a way that it provides the customer with the sound that an audiophile expects to hear. The TF powerline filters, like the legacy Blue Circle powerline conditioners, remove powerline noise so that the power that gets to your gear is similar to what you'd get on a clean powerline. The Gilbert-designed powerline conditioners always clean the powerline and let the equipment perform at its best.

    The new TF-series technology has circuitry that combats other issues that come from switching power supplies, big industrial motors and other electronic devices that might occur within and outside your home or office. The performance of these new filters has to be heard, or watched on a TV to believe how much better they are compared to the legacy BC models. Other than electrical improvements, these new units are also housed in a metal chassis to improve noise sheilding from the outside. This results in an even lower noise floor.

    TF110 power conditioner

    The TF110 has one circuit board.

    A number of folks have asked us, via e-mail, if these units use the same filters as the former Blue Circle PLC units. The short answer is: yes and no. Yes, because these are capacitor based power line filters with no current limiting and because they use different values of capacitance to create networks specific to the various frequencies ranges of electrical dirt. Definitely the same general approach.

    TF series outlet view

    No, for a number of reasons. First - and most obviously - all of the TF powerline conditioners are housed in a metal chassis for better shielding from external airborne noise. Second, these new units all use a multi-point ground system, implemented for a better and stronger earth-to-ground path. As an added benefit, the new ground desgin helps lower background noise. No question, it's quieter. Third, more advanced capacitance networks are being used, with greater overall filtering power.

    The TF120 (bottom unit) has 1 circuit board and is fully populated with filters. The TF130 (top unit) has 2 circuit boards with even more filters.

    TF120-130 power conditioners

    The original Blue Circle PLC line taught us all much about addressing specific frequency ranges in powerline filtration. What Gilbert has designed for us here are units that are more powerful than ever before, and offer "best bang for the buck" in their respective price ranges.

    Other Info

  • Metal chasis dimensions: 9" long x 4" high x 5" wide
  • All TLP-Audio series TF powerline filters carry a 5 years parts and labor warranty.
  • Shipping weight: 6 lbs.
  • Outlets on all units are on opposite sides.


    TF110: $379

    TF120: $649

    TF130: $849

    Customer Testimonials


    I have always thought of power conditioners more as a tweak rather than a component. The tf130 has convinced me that I waited far to long to prove the error of my thinking. The improvement was neither subtle nor marred with compromises. No added hardness with the detail. No squashing Of dynamics with the lowered noise floor. I love recordings that feature bass guitar or double bass front and center. It was immediately apparent to me that the leading edges of notes were more clearly presented along with a very natural tonal warmth to the body of notes. Dynamics improved, noticeably at lower volumes. The space between instruments increased.

    Listener fatigue is at an all time low. Adding the tf130 was an upgrade on par with every other component upgrade I have ever made. It is a true bargain.


    I received my TF130 on Thu 17 May 2019 and it is "burning in" as I write this. To establish how the TF 130 fared against my existing Blue Circle filter set up, comprised of a Blue Circle FX2 XoE 6 filter augmented by 2 6X Sillycone filters and 1 RPD 15 DC blocker, LessLoss 64x Firewall, and 1 High Fidelity mc 0.5, I connected my amplifier (Gryphon Antileon Signature) to it and my pre-amp (Gryphon Sonata Allegro) and phono stage (Gryphon Legato) to the TF 130.

    My subwoofers, which run off an older Blue Circle FX2xoe, were plugged into the TF 130. The TF 130 was isolated from the ground with the Audio Points (2 inch model/APCD 4 coupling feet for each cone). Before ending up with the Audio Points I compared them to other accessories I had on hand (Stillpoints SSs and 5s, Shun Mook diamond footers and Symposium ultra padz).

    I was pleased with what I was hearing: a transparent and dimensional soundscape, tonally accurate and an increase in the level of micro detail, little cues that enhance a listener's connection to the music. I certainly didn't recall getting this level of performance from my old Blue Circle filter or other conditioners. A few days later I decided to swap the amplifier over to the TF 130 and the preamp and phono stage to the Blue Circle filter. The outcome of this change was that the performance of the system improved even further.

    All of the qualities I described earlier were further enhanced. The amp, preamp and phono stage sound great. The overal system was sounding great. In the owner's manual Gryphon advises owners to listen to their equipment without any "tweaks" before implementing them. I can attest to this. If I introduce any accessory it adversely affects the sound but the TF 130 does not do this.

    Perhaps there's another TF 130 for me in the near future?

    Power Conditioner Product Warranty

    The TLP Audio TF power conditioner series units are warranted for 5 years parts and labor.