TLP Audio proudly welcomes Phil Jones bass amplification products.

TLP Audio is already the discerning listener's choice for fine audio componentry and we're now the discerning BASS PLAYER'S choice for fine bass amplification. Phil Jones bass amps and cabinets surpass all others in clarity, tone and portability. If you browse the web to see and read what players are saying about Phil Jones bass products, you will ask yourself why anyone plays anything else!

If you have had the good fortune to hear music through first-rate audio reproduction equipment, such as Blue Circle audio gear, then you know what good sound is. Phil Jones bass products are the sound production versions of Blue Circle gear. When you play, you'll hear what your bass really sounds like...clean, natural sound, capable of reproducing every nuance of what you play. Hear your bass the way it was meant to be heard: tight, punchy, articulate, and detailed are just a few descriptive terms that come to mind.

PJB H-850 Reference Headphones

The PJB H-850 headphones are the headphones specifically engineered to bridge the gap between high-definition music and deep, clear bass. hd850 headphones

They are a result of years of auditioning and analyzing the mechanisms of what works best for the reproduction of music and bass. Utilizing high power 40mm neodymium magnets and closed-back acoustic loading, they are able to achieve superb sound reproduction for both music and bass instruments.

The H-850 are ergonomically designed to be lightweight so that they can be worn comfortably for hours. They also have excellent acoustic isolation from external noise and headphone bleed-through for recording applications.

HD-850--free shipping

The Ear Box

Have you ever wondered why your amp seems to sound different at every venue? The answer is that your bass or guitar cabinet is heavily affected by the environment it is in and where you are standing in relation to it. What YOU hear is the sound of your speakers mixed in with the reflected sounds from walls, ceilings and floors. Your amp speaker(s) sound different on and off axis and the further you are away from them and more sound energy is reflected and blended into the sound. If the room acoustics are not ideal you know the sound you get is very uneven and sounds "muddy." The Ear Box works for any instrument plugged into an amplifier.

EQ is NOT the answer! The EAR Box produces a near-field-sound that, when positioned close to you, will give you far greater clarity because it greatly increases the ratio of direct sound to the undesirable acoustics of the venue. It does not produce the full spectrum of a bass rather it blends in with the low frequencies of your cabinet. Standing in front of your bass rig up close gives you the most clarity but at the expense of what the audience hears. Your body will block the mid range and highs soaking them up like a sponge. This means that your audience will hear a far more degraded sound than you do. PJB earbox

How the Ear Box works: The Ear Box is a unique product. It is not a stage monitor or an earphone; it is somewhere in between. In-Ear monitors can leave you feeling isolated from the environment and stage monitors may bleed into areas where they are not wanted. The speakers in the Ear-Box are ultra-light but very powerful neodymium speakers. The total weight is 2.4 pounds. This allows it to be screw-mounted on a vertical (not boom type) microphone stand. It is positioned at ear level on the opposite side of where your amp is. The distance should be about 3 feet from you. Moving it closer will increase the loudness of the Ear-Box. To reduce the treble, simply angle the Ear Box away from you: The greater the angle, the greater the attenuation of high frequencies.

What may sound unusual is that the Ear Box has virtually no load on an amplifier. It is very high impedance: almost 1000 ohms at bass frequencies, tapering down to 24 ohms, at the very highest frequencies. It actually stabilizes the speaker load on your amplifier by acting as a ZOBEL network. The Ear Box high impedance allows it to be connected to just about any bass amplifier, right up to a 1000 watt RMS amp!

The Earbox--free shipping

Featured Entry Level Product--Session 77 Compact Bass Amp

The Session 77 is the remarkably affordable 100W bass combo from PJB. Session 77 amp

By using all digital circuitry, the Session 77 will work on any AC voltage from 100 to 260 Volts without a voltage selector. It features a single channel pre amp with a 3-band EQ. It also has a separate auxiliary input for backing tracks.

The combination of the two proprietary 7 inch speakers and a 2 inch tweeter gives full-range reproduction of all basses with stellar clarity. The Session 77 is the result of PJB's effort to build a budget-conscious amp without compromising quality. No other bass amp in this price range can touch this baby!

Session 77-free shipping

Featured Product--Super Flightcase BG-300 combo

This 33 pound tone monster sports six NeoPower 5" drivers, a 250-watt digital amp, BG-300 red

5-band EQ that combined makes the Super Flightcase your compact, portable and lightweight clubbing or rehearsal choice. The proprietary 5" NeoPower drivers were developed to be powerful, responsive and lightweight. The enclosure contains six of these drivers...two facing up and four facing out. The result? Even, balanced tone that projects up and out for consistent, amazing sound - no matter where you are standing.

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BG-300 backpanel

Technical Information

  • Model: Super Flightcase BG-300
  • Type: Lightweight bass combo amplifier
  • Included items: slip-on amp cover, extra long IEC power cable
  • Specs: 250W output, 1 channel, 5-band EQ, limiter, upward & front-facing speakers x 6, Active/passive input, headphone output, DI output, pre-amp output
  • Dimensions: 19 x 12.6 x 16.1 inch (H x W x D)
  • Power output: 250 watts
  • Speakers: 6 x PJB 5" NeoPower Type A
  • Net Weight 33 lbs / 15kg
  • Voltage: 120 or 240V A/C
  • Retail Price: $1,350.00

    Our Price: $1,224.00 free shipping


    What Our Customers Say

    "It's essential for bass players to "lock in" with the band's drummer. This is the only amp I've ever played thru that allows me to clearly differentiate between my bass and the kick drum. This little gem also allowed me to replace eighty pounds of cabinets and bass head with a single, lightweight unit. Well-done, Phil!"

    TLP Audio is a full-line Phil Jones bass amplification dealer. All of their products are available through us including amp heads, Piranha Series cabinets, Powered bass cabinets, etc.

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