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TLP Audio Branded Products--by Angela Yeung - Gilbert Yeung

Since 2000, TLP Audio has sold Blue Circle Audio products designed by Gilbert Yeung. Although Blue Circle Audio closed in January of 2019, Gilbert is continuing on with the part of his business that he enjoyed the most; audio design. We therefore asked him to design some products exclusively for us. After many hours of discussions, we are pleased to announce the availability of the products below.

Angela-Gilbert Yellow Pluggie (15 amp) power cord

(supercedes the TPC-15)

The ORIGINAL Blue Circle power cords have been accepted by many audiophiles as their reference standard power cord. Firstly, because Blue Circle power cords were unquestionably among the best power cords at their price points. In fact, for those fortunate enough to own one, they continue to out perform many power cords that cost a great deal more.

Secondly, besides allowing your components to sound their best they are also amazingly flexible. For example, even though the Blue Circle BC61 was a 14awg power cord and it could easily bend around tight corners and even coil up in a 2.5" diameter circle. If you want to keep your cables neat and tidy but want to get the best from your components, this power cord is the best.

It also uses 12 awg conductor, per polarity, to form a dual-reversed braid for RF and EMF rejection.

The Yellow Pluggie is the next generation power cord that supercedes the Wattgate(tm) cryo-treated a/c power plug with a direct-solder Yellow Pluggie so that sonic degradation will not deteriorate over time due to screw-down connector oxidation. Subjectively the Yellow Pluggie maintains the sonic benefits of the Wattgate plug including:

  • Wider dynamic range
  • Smoother, more refined highs
  • Better bass articulation
  • More organic presentation
  • Deeper, more three dimensional soundstage
  • The Yellow Pluggie also works GREAT for professional sound gear including PA systems, mixers, keyboards, bass guitar and guitar amps.

    TLP Audio TPC-1 power cord

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    Yellow Pluggie awg 12 5ft (standard length)

    E-mail us directly with your custom length power cord requirements.

    TLP Audio TBD-1800 (TLP Blocker DC)

    The most common symptom of audio system DC offset is amplifier power transformer noise. The larger the transformer, the more susceptible it is to DC offset. DC offset will manifest itself as a "growling" or buzzing sound. Toroidal transformers are especially susceptible to DC offset. Another DC offset issue is that DC offset forces a power transformer to run in an unbalanced mode resulting in a loss of power being delivered to the amplifier circuitry, not to mention the annoying audible noise mentioned above.

    TLP tbd1800 DC offset blocker

    The TBD-1800 DC offset blocker is a simple and relatively inexpensive solution to DC offset. To keep cost to a minimum, the TBD-1800 is housed in an ABS chassis. It's design is based upon the Blue Circle RPD-15. It has a standard IEC inlet and an industrial-grade duplex outlet. At a cost of under $200.00, it is a cost-effective affordable solution to eliminating DC offset.

    Watch the RPD-15 demo at the TLP Audio booth during Axpona 2015.

    Quick Specs

  • IEC power inlet (power cord not included)
  • 1 duplex outlet
  • Dimensions: 5" dia x 4" long
  • Shipping weight: 4 lbs.
  • 3 year limited warranty

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    TLP Audio TDA 10 Digital-to-analog Converter

    The digital to analog component of the TDA 10 supports from 16 bits to 24 bits - 30KHz to 216Khz and anything in between. Every signal trace on board has been carefully designed and tested. It features a complete DC path to ensure ultra-low jitter performance. Another feature that adds to the signal performance is that the microprocessor is not used in the control circuit. The less the clock contaminates the signal the better. The unique analog output stage uses a design similar to those in the legacy Blue Circle BC107 solid state preamp.

    TLP TDA-10 DA Converter Front

    At the core of the TDA 10's design is it's power supply. The TDA 10 has a power supply filtering capacitance of nearly 200,000uF! To put this in perspective, that is more capacitance than a typical 100-watt stereo amplifier has.

    TLP TDA-10 DA Converter Back

    Ultimately this ensures a very stable power supply and plenty of reserve for transients. There is no ground hum or any sort of noise caused by the power line that can be detected by the audio circuit. The result is a blacker than black background that has a major impact on the detail of the musical presentation. This is one aspect of the TDA 10 that contributes towards that elusive sense of effortless and dynamic, yet relaxed musicality.

    TDA 10 Quick User Guide


    Standard: (1) Toslink, (1) SPDIF, (1) AES/EBU

    Optional: USB 24/192


    Standard config: (1) pair of XLR balanced, (1) RCA unbalanced

    5 year limited warranty.


    The TDA 10 is very compact at 8 x 8 x 3 inches and weighs five pounds.

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    TLP Audio TPS 10 Phono Stage

    The TPS 10 is a high-performance phono stage that has user-adjustable 61db high gain and 39db low gain. Gain change is accomplished by flipping a couple of small dip switches inside the unit. The TPS 10 phono stage itself is housed in an unobtrusive metal chassis for low noise performance.

    TLP TPS-10 phono stage

    The power supply is housed in a smallish ABS box that can be "hidden" out-of-sight be the TPS 10 box.

    TLP TSP-10 phono stage front

    With the total power supply supply capacitance at over 100,000uF, this ensures a solid bass foundation. Carefully-placed high-speed bypass capacitors result in silky-smooth highs and rich, warm mids. This combination provides Gilbert Yeung's Blue Circle Audio legendary cost vs. performance ratio. Additionally, the proprietary DC power supply circuitry design is used in the TPS-10 to ensure highest possible performance.

    TLP TPS-10 power supply

    In fact, the TPS 10's performance is better than the legandary Blue Circle Fon Lo Thingee in a box with Really Big Power Supply. When compared to the Fon Lo Thingee with Really Big Pipe Power Supply costing over $1000, the TLP TPS10 is an outstanding value.

    TLP TSP-10 phono stage rear view

    Optional Features

  • Fixed resistance and capacitance value loading plugs
  • User-adjustable value loading plugs
  • Balanced output
  • Factory-set custom gain and capacitance settings
  • Specifications

  • Input impedance: 47Kohm
  • Output impedance: <25ohms
  • High gain: 61db
  • Low gain: 39db
  • 5ft umbilical cord between preamp and power supply; Detachable at the preamp end.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • TPS 10 Quick User Guide


  • Amp: 5.25"wide x 3.25"high x 8.25"deep including RCA jacks
  • Power Supply: 6"long x 3.25"wide x 2"high
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