Tube Simulators

For years, Blue Circle has been building gear that provides the best qualities of both tube and solid-state components. From the very first BC2, the 20s, AG, to the 200 series amplifiers and the 2K series amplifiers successfully incorporated tube and solid state features in the same chassis. But, what about those customers whose budgets won't allow for buying expensive tube equipment? For those customers Blue Circle finally has a product that accurately replicates tube tone in any solid state system, without diminishing the benefits of solid state technology. This product is called the Blue Circle TSP.

It accomplishes this task using proprietary New Old Stock (NOS) ANALOG circuits. By definition, this makes the TSP a limited production limited to the number of these NOS circuits that the Blue Circle folks have on-hand.

We have auditioned the TSP in a variety of systems. Listeners have opined that the TSP is able to inject sweetness and warmth of tubes into the overall sound of a system without removing any of the focus, punch, energy, and detail that are the strengths of solid state gear.

tsp single ended
tsp balanced

Best of all, the TSP is inexpensive. It comes in both balanced and single-ended configurations, and it's all in a pipe to help keep the cost down. The balanced version uses two pipes (2 separate circuits), which is why it is more expensive.


Physical Dimensions (per pipe)

Outer diameter 4.5", Length 3.75"

Minimum input impedance (from output of TSP to device) 5K Ohms


Single-Ended version: $170.00

Balanced version: $260.00 (per pair)

BC61 14 awg and BC62 10awg power cords

There are two reasons why Blue Circle power cords have been accepted by so many audiophiles as their reference standard power cord. First, Blue Circle power cords are unquestionably among the best power cords at their price points. In fact, they out perform many that cost a great deal more.

Second, besides allowing your components to sound their best they are also amazingly flexible. For example, even though the BC62 is a 10awg power cord and it can easily bend around tight corners. It can even coil up in a 2.5" diameter circle. This is amazing for a 10awg power cord. If you want to keep your cables neat and tidy but want to get the best from your components, these power cords are the best.

The BC61 and BC62 also work GREAT with professional sound gear including power amps, mixers, keyboard, bass guitar and guitar amps.

BC62 reviews can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Audio Review


E-mail us directly with your custom length power cord requirements.

Visit the Blue Circle web site.


BC61 14awg 6ft (standard length) $165.00

BC62 10awg 6ft (standard length) $330.00

Longer or shorter lengths available upon request.

BC61_BC62 power cord

BC63 and BC64

The BC63 and BC64 are identical to the 61 and 62, but with some added features. Both these power cords have a control box integrated into the power cord. Each control box has two switches. The first switch is a two-position switch that allows the user to lift the ground connection. This is very useful in hunting down ground loop problems. The second switch is a three-position switch that allows the user to reverse the line polarity. Position one is normal (live-to-live, neutral-to-neutral). The center position is open, to prevent arcing during transition. The third position is reverse polarity (live-to-neutral, neutral-to-live). Not all homes are wired correctly, and some components are very sensitive to line polarity. We have had very positive feedback from professional installers about the usefulness of these features.

BC63_BC64 power cord


The BC65 is an extension cord based on the BC62. The only difference is that the IEC plug has been replaced with a cable-mount hospital grade receptacle.

All power cords, and the extension cord, come in a standard length of six feet (1.83 m). If this length does not meet your needs then we would be happy to custom build a power cord or extension cord to your specifications. The maximum length for any of these cords is thirty feet (9.15 m). E-mail us directly with your custom length power cord requirements.

We recommend that the BC62 and BC64 be used for high current-draw applications like power amps. We have also seen some surprising improvements by using the BC61 and BC63 on digital equipment such as DACs, transports and DVDs. We would also like to suggest that a high quality powerline conditioner, such as one of the Music Rings, should be used in conjunction with any power cord for best performance.


The BC68MkII with Inline Filter

is an improved version of the original BC68. Instead of the original built in line-conditioner equivalent to two BC86 MKII noisehounds, the filtering has been increased to three BC86MKIII....three time as much as the original BC68!

The MKII also has an LED power indicator. It is designed to glow just enough to inform the user there is power flowing. Optional surge protection is available. The filter is potted in silicone just like the original. However, the MKII uses more durable ABS pipe casing that is more durable than the original aluminium box.

Price for 6' with or without surge protection: $515.00

BC68 power cord

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for the story of how the BC68MkII came to be.