...Because Powerline Noise Is Everywhere

Blue Circle PLC Thingee Conditioners now include CTX UHF filters.

BC60X1 Reference AC Powerline Conditioner

The BC60X1 combines balanced power and passive parallel filtering in its unique design. BC60x1internal The standard unit is 12 outlets. 6 of the 12 feed through a passive parallel filter and 800 watt balanced power design for line level components. The remaining 6 outlets have the parallel filter treatment similar to BC6020 design for power amps and components that perform better without balanced power and require more current.

The primary difference between the BC60X1 and other BC powerline filters is the internal X1e module. The BC60X1 also has user-replaceable internal surge protection.

The retail price for the standard 12 outlet unit is USD4495.00.

BC6000/BC6000 X1e Professional PLC Reference AC Powerline Conditioners

The BC6000

Most people who know anything about Blue Circle know that much - if not most - of the new production gear is the result of Gilbert's constant creation of new toys for himself. Gilbert's latest interest is live recording, and if you have ever performed or recorded in live situations you know that one of the biggest variables is the quality of AC power at a live venue. And let's face it, live recording means you have one shot to get it right, and the last thing you need to worry about is powerline noise masking the quality of the recording.
BC6000 front panel

Enter the BC6000 Powerline Conditioner.

The BC6000 is designed to be a high performance, high efficiency power line filter/conditioner, built specifically to handle the unpredictability of AC power quality in any room that you may encounter. No matter the quality of the incoming AC power or the wall socket, the BC6000 will be able to provide you with a good, clean power source.

The BC6000 is a no compromise and unique design. It uses a total of 157 individual filters, strategically placed to cover the widest possible frequency range. There are double wire runs to all three 20A Hospital Grade Duplex outlets, and triple parallel wiring in each filter to prevent even the tiniest bit of noise from passing through. The BC6000 includes a standard 20A Neutrik Powercon twist connector and BC62 premium power cord to ensure the best possible AC power transfer, with no chance of the accidental "unplugging" that can occur with IEC sockets.

Although the appearance of the BC6000 is shelf-worthy, it can be placed in any location; behind a shelf, upside down, on it's side, or even covered by curtains. It is designed to withstand the highest degree of physical and electrical abuse. Considerable redundancy need we say overkill?) is an integral part of the BC6000 design so that it will provide clean AC power anytime, anywhere. So, hand it a poor AC feed, put it on display with your other components or stuff it behind your equipment and let it do "it's thing" - you'll see what we mean.

For the technically curious, here are some BC6000 design features:

A triple buss bar has been utilized to eliminate unwanted inductance and ensure optimum power transference. The 157 individual filters are carefully chosen and physically installed in specific combination to form a string of filters covering a frequency range from 120Hz to over 50GHz. Additionally, a high-pressure contact A/C power toggle switch is used for its ability to handle unlimited current flow.

The BC6000 is non-current limiting. This means that you can plug any desired components into it and the power those components require will not be restricted in any way.

BC6000 filter pic The entire filter network is submerged in a silicone casing to eliminate mechanical vibration. Only high purity soft copper is connected to the filter network, thus avoiding any vibration transfer via the connection, and further enhancing the effectiveness of the filters.

The BC6000 uses only the best Hubbell hospital grade duplex outlets to ensure maximum gripping pressure to the power cord prongs. And in case you are concerned about which outlet is best suited for which component, and isolation between digital and analog outlets, don't be. Many pro audio components mix digital and analog technology together. The only way to deal effectively with these devices is to create a "black hole" for noise. This is what the BC6000 was designed to do, and it is incredibly capable of doing this job. It completely eliminates any noise and leaves you with clean power no matter what you plug into it.

The BC6000 doesn't stop at cleaning the incoming A/C power. It also cleans up the digital noise generated by the components plugged into it. This makes the BC6000 particularly effective for audio/video use, since there is no longer any worry about which component should be plugged into which outlet. Simply plug in whatever component you like into whichever outlet you want, then sit back and enjoy powerline noise-free entertainment.

Like all Blue Circle filters the effect of the BC6000 is cumulative when used with other Blue Circle filters. So, if you already own any Blue Circle filter product you can add it's filtering to your 6000.

BC6000 X1e Professional PLC

Want more filtering? How about a BC6020 X1e Professional? The BC6020 X1e professional adds the X1e low-frequency filter module to the BC6000. The X1e module is designed specifically to kill powerline noise below 50 kHz. The X1e filter was first introduced in the flagship model the BC60X1 and then later in the BC30X1. Adding the X1e module to the BC6000 produces a significant improvement in performance for both audio professionals and home audio enthusiasts alike.

BC 6000 User Review, Tests & Commentary

"Well, the little stainless beauty arrived this morning. I just finished doing the hook-ups and things are warming up. I just love that BC62 power cord with Neutricon connector. No accidental disconnects, that's for sure! When I initially showed interest in the BC6000, Gilbert asked me If I wanted first to test drive one. I said: No, just make me one. The principle is sound and you don't build crap. If Blue Circle was a baseball team, it would be batting 1000. I realize that cosmetics are a matter of taste. But if you do decide to get one for yourself, get it in stainless. It's like a one carat diamond on the finger of a beautiful lady.

First test: I ran a 50' extension cord from the unused and shared Hubbell wall dublex outlet to the garage. At the end , I plugged-in my wife's hair dryer which can produce some major EMI's. Without any music playing, at full volume from the DAC/PreAmp., not a bit of hiss was heard from the speakers.

Second test: With the same extension cord, I plugged-in the BC6000 directly to the outlet shared by the the fridge. Again, no interference.

Third test: Same extension cord to the garage door opener outlet. After a few up and down cycles, not a beep. The same tests will be repeated tomorrow while playing a few selected tracks. So far, so good. Well done Gilbert."

Read the Stereo Times review.

Read the 6moons review.

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 19" wide x 3.5" high x 10.25" deep
  • six outlets are standard
  • BC6000 weight: 12 lbs
  • Power capacity: 1875W, 90V to 240V
  • Prices

    BC6000 Price: USD 1979.00 (6 outlet version)

    BC6000 Price: USD 2,560.00.00 (12 outlet version)

    BC6000 Price: USD 2680.00 (14 outlet version)

    BC6020 X1e Price: USD 3975.00 (6 outlet version)

    BC6000Si A/C Powerline Filter/Conditioner

    BC6000Si 2 outlet version

    BC6000si 2 outlet


  • Stainless steel or black Plexiglas faceplate available at the same cost.
  • Stainless steel cover available at additional USD165.00.
  • Rack mount kit available at USD139.00
  • Standard IEC ac power inlet also available for those who want to use their own power cord.
  • Quick Specs

  • Maximum power handling: 2400watt (20A at 120V)
  • Surge protection: standard
  • Dimensions: 16.75" wide x 3.25" high x 8.25" deep
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs
  • Prices

  • 2 outlet version = retail USD 1450.00
  • Standard 6 outlets = retail USD 1975.00
  • 12 outlets = retail USD 2560.00
  • 14 outlets = retail USD 2680.00
  • First 6 outlets are 20A, the rest are 15A

  • BC660

    If you're a proud owner of a BC Fx2Xoe PLC and have enjoyed it, and you're ready for more filtering, this is your next upgrade step. The BC660 is the gateway product to the high-end BC Power Conditioner product line. The BC660 has no peers in its price range.

    Each BC660 PLC contains three separate filter networks with each one is designed to address a specific noise problem. The main filter network is a broadband filter similar to those used in the entire PLC line. It is capacitor based and is totally non-current limiting. This filter covers the range of 50kHz-750 kHz.

    To handle the ultra-high frequencies above 750 kHz is the job of the CxT (CrossHybridTransfer)filter. Below 750 kHz, it transfers the filtering function to the broadband filter. This is where the name comes from.

    Finally, to filter out noise in the 5kHz-50 kHz range a new low-frequency filter called the X0.5e has been developed. It is the next generation version of the wildly popular Xoe filter.

    The BC660 is available in an 8 or 12 outlet version.

    Blue Circle BC660 Pwr Conditioner

    Quick Specs

  • Surge protection: optional
  • 14 awg power cord included
  • 120v/240v support
  • chassis: combination of plexiglass and metal
  • Dimensions: 13.5" x 5" x 3.25"
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Prices

  • 8 outlet version = retail USD 1195.00
  • 12 outlet version = retail USD 1295.00
  • Please call (630) 385-2047 or E-mail us for availability.

    BC660-6Si 6 outlet Power Conditioner

    For many years the best-bang-for-the-buck Blue Circle power conditioner, the Fx2xoe-6, has been our best-seller. As we write this, powerline noise is more prevalent than ever. Why you ask? In recent years there are many MORE of the switching devices that we use in our own homes, like switching-mode digital power supplies (computers, flat-screen TVs, etc.), CFL and LED lighting, that are producing noise in the low frequency spectrum specifically from 5 kHz to 50 kHz.

    To filter out this noise Blue Circle Audio has devloped a new low-frequency filter called the X0.5e. The BC660-6si actually contains THREE separate filter networks, including the X0.5e; each one designed to address a specific noise problem. The primary filter network is a broadband filter similar to those used in all Blue Circle PLCs. It is capacitor based and is totally non-current limiting. This filter covers the range from 50 kHz up to about 750 kHz. To handle the ultra-high frequencies above 750 kHz is the job of the CxT filter. Below 750 kHz, it transfers the filtering function to the broadband filter.

    The BC660-6Si offers the same performance as the $1200 BC660 but with 2 fewer outlets and no metal box for only $775!

    Material and Dimensions:

    4" dia ABS pipe (4.5" OD) x 8" long

    Blue Circle BC660si Pwr Conditioner

    Quick Specs

  • Surge protection: optional
  • 14 awg power cord included
  • 120v/240v support
  • chassis: combination of plexiglass and metal
  • Dimensions: 4" (4.5" OD) x 8" long
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Price

  • USD 775.00

  • Sillycone Filters

    The filter multipler is based on the amount of filtering compared to the award-winning, critically-acclaimed BC86MK3. The filter technology is based upon the BC6000 filtering technology.

    Sillycone Pwr Conditioner

    Quick Specs

  • Standard finish: clear silicone with black letters/black ABS pipe
  • 3" long power cord
  • 120v/240v support
  • Dimensions: 6.25" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Prices

  • 6x filter = retail USD 290.00
  • 12x filter = retail USD 550.00
  • 18x filter = retail USD 820.00

  • RPD-15 DC Offset Blocker

    The most common symptom of audio system DO offset is amplifier power transformer noise. The larger the transformer, the more susceptible it is to DC offset. DC offset will manifest itself as a growling or buzzing sound. Toroidal transformers are especially susceptible to DC offset. Another DC offset issue that DC offset forces a power transformer to run in an unbalanced mode resulting in a loss of power being delivered to the amplifier circuitry, not to mention the annoying audible noise.

    BC RPD15 DC offset blocker

    The Blue Circle RPD-15 is a simple and relatively inexpensive solution to DC offset. Like many other Blue Circle products, the RPD-15 is housed in an ABS chassis to keep costs down. It has a standard IEC inlet and an industrial-grade duplex outlet. At a cost of under $200.00, it is a cost-effective affordable solution to DC offset.

    Read the Positive Feedback review.

    Watch the RPD-15 demo at the TLP Audio booth during Axpona 2015.

    Quick Specs

  • IEC power inlet (power cord not included)
  • 1 duplex outlet
  • Dimensions: 5" dia x 4" long
  • Shipping weight: 4 lbs.



    PLC (power line conditioner) Puck

    TLP Audio welcomes this entry-level powerline filter to our power conditioner lineup. The PLC Puck is designed to plug directly into the wall outlet directly without a power cord. It is your First Line Defense against powerline noise...right at the wall! You can plug up to two audio components directly into the industrial-grade outlets, or better yet, you can plug another Blue Circle PLC into it and get even more filtering. Like it's more expensive siblings, the PLC Puck is non current-limiting.

    PLC Puck

    The filter networks in the PLC Puck are scaled-down versions of the Blue Circle PLC Thingee and the X0e low-frequency module.


    Both outlets are industrial grade. Thick-wall 4" PVC pipe for durable construction and strength.

    Quick Specs

  • 2 outlets
  • Dimensions: 5" dia x 4" long
  • Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
  • 120v/240v support

    Read the Stereo Times PLC puck review.



    PLC (power line conditioner) Double Puck

    Introducing the Blue Circle Audio PLC Double Puck. The Double Puck is designed to plug directly into a duplex wall outlet, and has no power cord. It uses plugs into both duplex outlets (for stability) but gives you back 2 outlets PLUS an additional 2 outlets. The double Puck has double the original Puck internal wiring. This means doubling the current carrying capacity. It has double the number of plugs of the PLC Puck and this means double the gripping power from the wall outlet holding the unit securely in-place. It has 225% more filtering power than the original Puck. All this in a 4" diameter size compared to the 3" diameter of the original PLC Puck size.

    PLC Double Puck

    The filter networks in the PLC double Puck are similar to the Blue Circle PLC Thingee


    All 4 outlets are industrial grade. Thick-wall 4.5" PVC pipe for durable construction and strength.

    Quick Specs

  • 4 outlets
  • Dimensions: 4.5" diameter x 3" long
  • Shipping weight: 5 lbs.
  • 120v/240v support


    PLC Outpost 2 Kit

    Our PLC customers often ask us if they plug their existing power bar into a Blue Circle PLC unit, can their power bar and components plugged into it benefit from it.

    Answer: yes, of course they can. Just like all the BC power conditioners, the PLC units act as noise dams and block powerline noise at the point where it's plugged in. The new Outpost 2 (OP2) kit is a must-have addition/upgrade for anyone wanting to kill airborne and powerline noise before it even gets to your powerline conditioner! PLC Outpost filter

    There is powerline noise everywhere. The power cord from the power bar and other components that plug into the power bar can dump noise back into the power bar and PLC units won't remove this noise. The wiring in your house (even dedicated wiring) acts as an antenna that picks up digital "noise". That's why you need to get a PLC Outpost 2 Kit and plug one of the three units in the kit into a spare powerbar outlet or several different outlets in your listening/viewing room.

    The Outpost 2 has two major improvements over the original Outpost. It now provides as much built-in filtering as the PLC Puck and because of its short power cord it now uses just a single outlet.

    PLC Outpost filter

    Each PLC Outpost kit consists of three PLC Outpost 2 units that are plugged into your power bar and various outlets in the same room or other circuits around the house. They will decrease airborne RFI and EMI that otherwise makes its way into your system. Of course you can reap additional sonic benefits by using multiple kits. Each outpost unit is designed to occupy one power bar or wall outlet.

    120v/240v support included.

    Kit Price (Qty 3)

    $200 per kit (Qty 3)

    Want more filtering in a slightly larger "package"? Try the OP2-Double (twice the filtering and length of the OP2) or OP2-Triple (three times the filtering and length of the OP2).

    OP2-Double (Qty 1)

    $130 each

    OP2-Triple (Qty 1)

    $190 each

    PLC (powerline conditioner) Thingee

    Someone on the BC forum recently suggested that they make a powerline conditioner using the same technology as the BC6000 but in a "thingee-like" pipe. Gilbert thought that it was such a good idea that he immediately got to work and by that afternoon, a 4 outlet production version was completed.

    Left is the 6 outlet and right is the 4 outlet version.

    PLC Power Conditioner

    The IEC power inlet end. Left, 6 outlets; right 4 outlets.

    PLC Power Conditioner

    Both PLC versions have filtering equivalent to three BC86MKIIIs. It is a non-current limiting design so that high current power amps can be plugged into the PLC while maintaining sonic dynamics. A double run of 14 awg solid copper wire between filters to further reduce resistance.

    The power inlet is directly soldered onto the copper wires. Since the PLC Thingee is so compact, the power path is extremely short and therefore further minimizes the resistance between the power inlet and outlets. With the silicone-filled 4" PVC pipe it is very strong. It can be installed behind any equipment rack and you don't have to worry about anything sitting on top of the unit and causing it damage.

    There's no need to be concerned that the PLC Thingee will "roll around." Once you have anything plugged into it, it will stay put, especially with an audiophile-grade power cord. It comes with an 16awg standard power cord just to get you started. Once you have heard the sonic benefits of clean power, an upgraded power cord, such as the BC61 or BC62, will further improve the sound.

    User Reviews/Commentary

    "I got the PLC Thingee and have been floored by the difference it makes. Thanks for the quick and efficient service. I will definitely keep you in mind as I add to my system."


    All outlets are industrial grade. Thick-wall 4" PVC pipe for durable construction and strength. 120v/240v support


    4 outlets: 4.5" dia x 3.5" long; 6 outlets 4.5" dia x 4.25" long


    4 outlets: $220

    6 outlets: $255

    The PLC (powerline conditioner) Thingee FX2

    The PLC FX2 has twice the powerline filtering capacity as the standard PLC.

    User Reviews/Commentary

    "I have received FX2 in top quality and sooner than I had expected. I'm simply astonished at the clarity and the blacker background from which the music seems to come from my speakers.

    The image quality on my desktop (CRT) monitor is also astonishing. I guess I can hold off on going to an LCD for a little while longer. I was told it could take up to a month to break the FX2 in, and to keep the ICs/cords as connected so to let the whole system settle together. (I'm looking into another power cord to use for the input to the PLC. This will make a good difference also.

    I'll work on that once I can take my ears from the music and go do some chores!) The FX2 arrived amazingly fast and I couldn't ask for better quality customer service. I look forward to doing business again in the future."


    All outlets are industrial grade. Thick-wall 5" PVC pipe for durable construction and strength. 120v/240v support


    4 outlets: 4.5" dia x 5" long; 6 outlets 4.5" dia x 5" long


    4 outlets: $320

    6 outlets: $355

    The PLC (powerline conditioner) Thingee FX2 X0e

    Blue Circle Audio recently displayed their BC60X1 hybrid balanced power conditioner with the newly-developed X1e module at the 2013 TAVES show in Toronto. The X1e module is a significant upgrade to the current power filtering available in the market place.

    The X1e delivers significantly wider filtering across the audio spectrum most notably in the lower frequencies. Now it's little brother, the X0e, is available in the popular and affordable PLC Thingee FX2 line of power conditioners. The X0e offers a similar spectrum of filtering with results that must be heard to be believed in this price range.

    To quote Gilbert "The bottom line is with the X0e module, the FX2 is now able to cover a wider frequency spectrum of noise especially in the lower frequency region. At $495 for 6 outlet version, we have not been able to find any competition out there at this price point or even at 3 to 4 times the price."

    A recent customer writes:

    "Just wanted to let you know I received the PLC FX2 X0e. I had to make a little room for it. But it works great. And now I have the older PLC for more of my antique radios. I know that sounds like an odd application. But radios of the 1920-1930's now pick up all sorts of stuff. Everything seems like it acts like an antenna. So the filtering in the PLC and the PLC FX2 X0e do a great job. I also noticed an good improvement in my modern tube equipment between the PLC and the PLC FX2 X0e."

    Read the Positive Feedback review.

    For customers who already OWN a PLC Thingee, there is an available add-on module that plugs into your existing PLC thingee. The upgrade module is also available with an extra duplex outlet so you would not lose an outlet but actually gain an extra one!

    PLC X0e Power Conditioner


    All outlets are industrial grade. Thick-wall 5" PVC pipe for durable construction and strength. 120v/240v support


    4" dia ABS pipe (4.5" OD) x 7" long


    4 outlets: $460

    6 outlets: $495

    FX2 X0e Low Frequency Filter Add-on Module

    The X0e module, allows customers to upgrade their PLC FX2 to the PLC XOe by adding low frequency filtering, which is not present in the FX2. It plugs into any PLC FX2 outlet. The X0e module is available with no outlets or in 2 or 4 outlet versions.

    Blue Circle X0e module

    The filter networks in the PLC Puck are scaled-down versions of the Blue Circle PLC Thingee and the X0e low-frequency module.

    Quick Specs

  • zero, 2, or 4 outlet configurations
  • Dimensions: 4" dia x 7" long
  • 120v/240v support
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs.


    no outlets: $160.00

    2 outlets: $195.00

    4 outlets: $235.00

    Yalo Bulala

    The Yalo Bulala is designed to protect ANY electrical appliance, including audio/video components, refrigerator, sump pump, etc. by forcing a circuit breaker where the appliance is plugged in to trip upon encountering a potentially damaging power surge.

    The Yalo Bulala provides a low impedance path above a certain set voltage. Its TVS Avalache diode takes out the small spikes and its MOV shorts itself out during a big surge, thereby tripping the circuit breaker for the outlet where it is plugged in. If this event ever occurs, the Yalo Bulala has done its job and you'll need to replace it with a new one to reprotect that circuit.

    A Yalo Bulala plugged into any Blue Circle PLC product, a power bar, or a standard duplex outlet and will actually "see" a surge before anything else plugged into that outlet.

    Yelo Bulala Surge Protector

    The problem with typical surge protection, placed between the power source and components, is that the sound is degraded. Some surge protection devices slow down the current, and that kills the music dynamics. One or more Yalo Bulalas can be used in various outlets throughout a residence. If you're using a power bar, one plugs into one of its outlets and another plugs into the same circuit in a different duplex outlet. This will provide two low impedance paths for the surge to follow if/when a power surge event occurs.

    Want to protect your entire residence? Plug at least one Yalo Bulala into every electrical circuit. Your circuit breaker panel should be labeled with the areas/rooms protected by the various circuit breakers.


    1 Yalo Bulala $22.00

    3 pack: $49.50

    Power Line Filters

    The BC68, BC86MKIII, BC86MK5 BC86PC, and the BC606 are all non current-limiting filter-based products. Each has its own strengths. They can be used separately and together and also may be used with BC6000 and Music Ring products.

    BC86MK5 Noisehound

    The MK5 steps up from the MKIII and has 50% more filtering than the MKIII and ADDS the Yalo Bulala for surge protection. The surge protection design uses MOV and TVS avalanche diodes. The TVS removes little spikes and uses the MOV for the "big" surge. It has a shorter power cord for more effective filtering.

    BC86V conditioner

    It's also a light-weight design so it can "dangle" from a wall outlet. The ABS pipe construction saves you money.


    1 @ $135.00 2 or more @ $129.00 ea.

    Power Conditioner Product Warranty as of 3/14/18

    The following Blue Circle power conditioners are now warranted for 5 years parts and labor: BC60X1, BC30X1, BC6000, BC6000 X1e, BC6020, BC6020 X1e, BC660-6, 8 and 12, PLC Thingee 4 and 6 outlets, FX2 X0e CxT 4 and 6 outlets, Puck, Double Puck, 6X, 12X and 18X Sillycone Filters, Outpost 2, RPD15, GLB.

    Custom parts not supplied by Blue Circle and wear and tear items, such as internal surge protectors, are not covered under this new warranty.