SB90T hybrid stereo power amplifier

If you want a taste of what Blue Circle hybrid power amplifier sound is like in an entry level unit then SB90T is the amp for you. Its power output is 90 watts per channel and its 3.5" high chassis allows it to be mounted on a well-ventilated shelf. It provides lots of wallop in a small package.

sb90t pwr amp front panel

sb90t pwr amp top panel

sb90t pwr amp back panel

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SB100S 100 wpc stereo solid-state power amplifier

100 watts into 8 ohms. 150 watts into a 4 ohm load.

sb100s pwr amp front panel

sb100s pwr amp top panel

sb100s pwr amp back panel

Technical Information
  • Residual noise referenced to full power output: >- 90dB non weighted
  • Residual noise referenced to full power output: >- 98dB audio band weighted
  • Tracking error: < +/- 0.1dB
  • Frequency response (10W into 8 ohms): 10Hz to 20KHz +0.0db, -0.1dB; -1.0db at >70kHz
  • Distortion at 10W into 8 ohms: < 0.25 %
  • Voltage gain: 24.5 dB
  • Input sensitivity: 1.7 Vrms
  • input impedance: 47.5K ohms
  • Dimensions: 17.5" wide x 3.5" height x 15.5" deep

    Weight: 40 Lbs

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    BC202 hybrid stereo power amplifier

    The BC202 outputs 125 watts into 8 ohms and 200 watts into 4 ohms per channel. It is a true balanced design from input to output with both positive and negative binding posts being "hot" with signal.

    The DC-coupled output stages local "on board" filtering capacitor is located less than an inch away from the actual output devices for better transient response. All control circuits are built in the analog domain. This means that no digital clock is used to otherwise contaminate the analog signal's sonic integrity. After all, this IS an analog amplifier not a digital amplifier.

    BC202 power amp

    The BC202 includes a heavy gauge power supply and a grounded return path for both the tube and output stages with the exact same reference for both tube and output stages to yield the best matching performance. A 20 Amp Neutrik "Power Con" power connector with 6ft hospital grade 14 awg power cord is standard equipment for optimum transference of A/C power. Longer lengths available.

    All internal A/C power is controlled by 30A A/C power relays to provid the shortest A/C power run inside the chassis to minimize noise. Over 200,000uF in power supply filtering so you'll have no shortage of power to pump through your speakers when the music demands is. Various faceplate, base and cover colors are available options.

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    BC204 hybrid stereo power amplifier

    The BC204 is the smaller brother of the BC206. At 150 watts of high bias Class AB per channel the BC204 has almost everything its sibling the BC206 has.

    bc204 power amp

    Like the BC206, it uses a total of three power output modules per channel. It also has separate output, input tube stage and control power supplies and even the AC mains plug is the same as the BC206. At only 30 watts/channel less than the BC206, it's almost a BC206 in a smaller package!

    Various faceplate, cover and base options are available.

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    BC206 hybrid stereo power amplifier

    This is the biggest stereo power amp from Blue Circle, at 180 watts high bias Class AB per channel.

    bc206 power amp

    It features: Blue Circle Audio True Balanced Output Technology, custom-designed ultra high-speed power supply filter capacitors in the high/low voltage supply, isolated power supply for the tube input stage, solid-state output stage and the control circuit has it own power transformer for total separation from the signal path. The AC mains Neutrik PowerCon is the ulitmate A/C power transfer connection. Various faceplate, cover and base options are available.

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    BC208 Hybrid Class AB full balanced mono power amplifier w/6922 input

    The BC208 may look like a mono version of the BC206 but it's not. They are quite different. The '208 does not follow the traditional rules of amplifier design and we don't expect that it will appeal to everyone.

    bc208 power amp

    The difference between the BC208 and the other '200' series amplifiers is that it is a low gain high power amplifier. In fact it has the lowest voltage gain of any Blue Circle amplifier ever produced. With a low gain amplifier the preamplifier needs to produce a higher signal in order to get the same amount of power that you would get from a more conventional high gain amplifier. This approach is somewhat nontraditional but it results in a higher system signal-to-noise ratio yielding a quieter background, clearer image and more vivid focus.

    Various faceplate, cover and base options are available.

    bc208 power amp

    Technical Information

  • mono hybrid power amplifier
  • 215 watt into 8 ohms, 430 watt into 4 ohms
  • uses (4) 6922 tubes for the input stage
  • total capacitance of over 1.2 Farad (1,200,000uF) both channels
  • comes standard with 6ft BC68 power cord
  • cosmetic options are the same as other 200 series power amps.
  • Dimensions: 13" wide x 18.125" high x 31.75" deep

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    From $31,995.00