Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about the Blue Circle products If you have a question that is not answered here, please email it to us so that we can answer it and add it to our FAQs. The most recent FAQs are at the top of the list.

BC 21.1

I recently got my BC21.1 and am loving it!! I'm wondering if the "thump" I get through the speakers upon powering the pre-amp off is harmful or not?

The thump is normal when you power off the preamp. The only way to prevent the thump is to power off the power amp first. Leave the amp off for a moment to allow the capacitors discharge, then power off the BC21.1.

Power Conditioners

How does the Music Ring series compare with the PS Audio ultimate outlets, and Audio Magic Stealth?

The Music Ring is a totally different design than the Audio Magic and PS Audio products. It converts the power to balanced from the single-ended AC power from the wall. As a result, by using common mode rejection, all the noise from live and neutral are cancelled to ground. Other products tend to use ground as a reference and the noise level can only go as low as the ground. The lowest noise level on a Music Ring is not limited by the house ground. It will go as low as it the live and neutral allow it to cancel, minus the ground level noise. It yeilds much lower noise level.

As a result of this design, your system will receive a VERY quiet AC supply. Any noise will be from the equipment itself. Other audible benefits include: allowing your CD player to pick up more low level information from the CD, and allowing your preamp and power amp to amplify signal without adding any noise to it. The result is higher resolution, more dynamic range, and tighter and more musical bass. You can even hear more low bass notes that you never heard before. The Ultimate Outlet is just a high quality outlet, and is not even close to the Music Ring in its design. We have found that for almost 5 times less the cost, you can buy a Hubbell hospital-grade outlet that works just as well.

The Noise Hound BC86 MKII looks good, as does the Monster Power HTS-1000 or HTS-2000, as does the PS Audio Power Port. In your opinion, of these 3 conditioning options, which will give the best sound results for around $100.00 without degrading the sound already achieved?

In our opinion, the BC86 is the best of the three units for the following reasons: First the BC86 has the additional effect, as you can see in some of the reviews, they say having two is much better than one. Second, you can put additional BC86 around your room and have them surround your system physically. This arrangment can deal with airborne noise from other outlets in the same room. However, you will obviously need more than 2 units. Third, the BC86 is a very flexible product and you can install it anywhere without tools.

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