BC515 Digital and Analog Convertor

The new BC515 DAC specs are similar to the preceeding 5xx series of Blue Circle Audio DACs but with some notable improvements. The digital to analog converter will support anywhere from 16 bits to 24 bits - 30KHz to 216Khz and anything in between, including 16/44, 16/44.1, 16/48, 24/96, 24/196 and more.

Every signal trace on board has been carefully designed and painstakingly tested. This facilitates a contiguous DC path to ensure ultra low jitter performance.

Another feature that enhances signal performance is the "isolation" of the microprocessor, itself. As is common practice with other designs it is NOT used in the control circuit BECAUSE the less the digital clock contaminates the signal the better. The unique analog output stage uses a design similar to those in Blue Circle Audio's best solid-state preamps, NSC and power amps, and the NSL.

The power supply (fuel tank) uses the latest Blue Circle IAOE+KQ design. This means that the BC515 has a power supply filtering capacitance of over 280,000uF. This is more than most 150 watt stereo power amps! This ensures a very stable power supply that results in blacker-than-black background which has a major impact on the micro detail of the musical presentation. This is one of the major factors that contributes to that elusive sense of effortless and dynamic yet relaxed musicality.

Borrowing from the design of the Blue Circle NSC output stage and NSL input/inter stage, the BC515 provides improved analog stage drive capacity by 100%. This ensures its ability to drive ANY preamp input or even a power amp (using the optional volume control) directly and effortlessly. Custom inner stage coupling capacitors between digital and analog stage improve transient response and dynamics. Mini KQ "fuel tank" is incorporated into the power supply. This decreases ripple current by 350%.

BC 515 DAC front

BC 515 DAC back


Standard configuration:
  • (1) Toslink
  • (1) 24bits/192KHz USB input
  • (1) SPDIF
  • (1) AES/EBU - accepts 16 bit to 24bit, from 32 KHz to 192 KHz and anything in between
  • Standard USB 24/192 (will also support 16/44, 16/48 and 24/96)
  • Price

    $3,150.00. Various faceplate and cover options available.

    E-mail us for additional options and information.