The information provided on this page is reference only. These legacy Blue Circle products are discontinued. Clicking the menu options on this page will take you to the products they describe.

About TLP Audio

TLP Audio was founded in 2002 by Walt & Barb Stagner.

The RPD15 DC offset blocker has been superceded by the TDB-1800.

The Double Puck will be replaced with a new model later in Summer 2021.

In the 1970's, prior to starting TLP Audio, Walt was in the audio business for 15 years. Back then selling audio gear such as Audio Research, Marantz, McIntosh, Dahlquist, Magneplanar, Linn Sondek, Thorens was fun. Good-sounding, high quality audio components were the norm rather than the exception. With that in mind, TLP Audio was started on the Internet as one of the few last vestiges of fine audio componentry.

Walt recalls — "I first met the Blue Circle folks in March of 1998 when they purchased shoes from our companion website Classic Pumps. We started reminiscing about the "good old days" of the audio business and how it would be nice if we could bring back those days by building novel and innovative products that are reliable and sound good. We wanted to put some of the fun back into selling audio gear.

Thanks to Gilbert Yeung and Blue Circle Audio products we're achieving that goal."

TLP Audio is a full-line Blue Circle dealer. All of their products are available thru us.

C'mon in and browse around.

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