Capacitor Pack Outboard Power Supply Upgrades

Fab Cap Fanute

Imagine that there was a way to dramatically improve the sound quality of virtually 95%* of audio gear regardless of age. Whether it's a line level source, a preamp, a power amp, an integrated amp, a receiver, it doesn't matter. The solution? The Fab Cap Fanute.

There are many weaknesses in today's and the audio gear of yesteryear. One of the most common ones, is a weak DC power supply. Capacitors cost money and take up a lot of real estate inside the equipment. Many companies choose a power supply design based on text book calculations and price points. This leads to borderline acceptable power supplies. When you build a merely adequate reserve of energy from the power supply capacitors, it is like giving a plant just enough water to survive, but not enough for it to be able to flourish.

The Fab Cap Fanute (FCF), has been developed by Gilbert Yeung, the former product designer of Blue Circle Audio. With more than 25 years of designing huge (and memorable) power supplies for his audio gear, he applies his experience and expertise to the FCF. The FCF can be adapted to almost any audio equipment on the market. From line level components such as a DAC, streamer, preamp, or phonostage, to high power equipment such as an integrated amp or a power amp. The FCF design is such that it can be moved to from one piece of gear to another. So, in case the owner wants to sell the piece of equipment, the FCF can be made useful with multiple equipment types with minimal modification. This means a FCF is a permanent audio system investment, not just a typical buy and sell piece.

The FCF isn't just a bunch of capacitors in a box. It consists of ultra-high energy storage capacitors for large scale high volume demands, as well as the massive low frequency energy requirement. It also employs a high-speed fast response energy dumper. Literally it releases instant energy, the transients of the first attack in music like the pluck of a guitar string, would require. The FCF also employs a high to mid-frequency management circuit to control the release of energy to properly deliver the frequency spectrum energy required for voice, which is a high demand broad spectrum source in music. Finally the FCF, has a well-managed control slow charger circut that ensures the original equipment power supply will not be stressed in any way.

The benefit of large power supply energy is not easy to describe in just a few words. It has to be heard to be understood and appreciated. If we must put it in a few words, the FCF offers a top to bottom improvement. It is not designed to improve a certain area. It improves the overall music presentation of the equipment. It creates a sense of ease to the music presentation, allowing the equipment to have better control of speaker drivers resulting in more details revealed, previously masked by uncontrolled speaker driver(s) "ringing." At the same time, more details from the recording can be heard due to the quieter, blacker background of the music. Much less listening fatigue results, which is not something listener can experience in a 5 minute audition. This is because the FCF's delivery of music is presented in a more correct fashion, which leads to less mental error correction of the true sound by the brain during listening. Less work done by the brain equals less listener fatigue and much longer enjoyment and listening time.

The FCF comes in two levels: The FCF1 and FCF2, plus a custom level. The FCF1 consists of all the necessary control circuits and it will provide a noticeable improvement. The FCF2 is the "Oh my GOD" level of improvement. The Custom FCF is, well, custom. When it comes to Custom, the sky is NOT the limit. There is no limit to what can be done.

The FCF unit dimensions are dependant on the equipment. As a general rule of thumb, an FCF designed for line level components, is smaller than a power amp, integrated amp or receiver version.

A line level FCF dimensions start from 5"w x 4"h x 9" deep. An integrated and or power amp FCF dimensions start from 6"w x 4.5"h x 15" deep."

* Tube-based gear may have different requirements than solid-state gear.

FCF Modded Pix

Mits rf15 front view

Mitsubishi R15 Front View

Mits rf15 rear view

Mitsubishi R15 Rear View showing the blue FCF Jack

Click here to see more FCF-modded gear.


FCF1 prices start, including the FCF interface installation to your gear, at $1150.00.

For a price, tailored to your specific gear, please call (630) 385-2047 or

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FCF Product Warranty

FCF units in ABS pipe are warranted for 1 year parts and labor. FCF units in a metal enclosure are warranted for 3 year parts and labor.

TLP Cap Pack 5 and Cap Pack 15

These capacitor packs are specificly designed for TLP Audio, and Blue Circle* legacy line-level solid state components, such as digital to analog converters (DACs), phonostages, preampilifers, etc. They can also be used with the preamp section of an integrated amp and power amp.

The 5 has 0.5 Farads (500,000 micro Farads) of capacitance. The 15 has 1.5 Farads (1,500,000 micro Farads) of capacitance. They can either connect in series or parallel and can be be used as single or multiple cap packs to improve performance. They can also be used on multiple products. For example, if someone has a TPS20 phonostage and TDA10 D/A converter, they can share a single Capacitor Pack by swapping them back and forth between units depending upon which unit is playing. This can reduce cost (you don't need to buy two cap packs) without sacrificing performance. By adding one or more of these capacitor packs, sonic results are similar to the Fab Cap Fanute.

*Some modification may required in order to support the TLP audio Capacitor Packs. Please consult with your dealer before purchasing.


TSP Cap Pack 5 with 2ft tail in 4"dia x 6.375"long ABS pipe: $469.00

TSP Cap Pack 15: $1299.00

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