Need a PLC repair... where do I go?

Welcome back to this Forum. You will note that it has a new name to inform us that Blue Circle, as far as new products are concerned, is over. However the good news is that Gilbert Yeung as the re-designer of some of the legacy BC products and designer of some new ones is still with us.
New Gilbert Yeung-designed products are forthcoming under the auspices of Entracte Audio of Canada and Amherst Audio and TLP Audio of the USA.
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Need a PLC repair... where do I go?

Post by JMAC » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:10 pm

Organizing my cables behind the rack today and when I plugged in my phono pre into the PLC FX2-XOe CxT I got a big spark and my circuit breaker tripped. One of the prongs on the phono pre got melted, and now the PLC trips the breaker whenever I plug it into the wall.

Where do I go for service for this? It was working great until it suddenly wasn’t...

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Need a PLC repair... where do I go?

Post by wstagner » Mon Sep 30, 2019 11:25 am

Try pluggging the FX2 X0e into another outlet. It should work. If it does, then plug it
back into the original outlet and everything work normally there too.

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