First Post from Amherst Audio

Welcome back to this Forum. You will note that it has a new name to inform us that Blue Circle, as far as new products are concerned, is over. However the good news is that Gilbert Yeung as the re-designer of some of the legacy BC products and designer of some new ones is still with us.
New Gilbert Yeung-designed products are forthcoming under the auspices of Entracte Audio of Canada and Amherst Audio and TLP Audio of the USA.
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Bob Neill
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First Post from Amherst Audio

Post by Bob Neill » Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:50 am

As my first contribution to the Forum Reborn, I thought it would make sense to restate the news for for those who have yet to hear it that Gilbert has agreed to serve as a custom designer for Amherst Audio. This will definitely be a part-time project: “I am enjoying my retirement too much to return to anything approaching full-time work.” The plan will be to fill special orders for upgraded versions of several of Gilbert’s favorite previously existing pieces and to work on new designs, which he hoped to do anyway. Gear designed by Gilbert for Amherst Audio will carry the original Blue Circle logo (circle of blue light) on the faceplate so there will be no question about essential product continuity;  and “Amherst Audio by Gilbert Yeung, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA” on the rear.

Needless to say, I am deeply gratified that a way has been found  to keep the designing brain of Gilbert Yeung alive, fruitful, and available to the audio world.  The hope is have this new enterprise take effect this spring.

We expect chief demand will continue to be for the 002i and its children -- the extraordinary NSI amps. Now that I have my own NSI NT G and have begun to get used to the wonderful musical gifts it brings, I can't imagine further improvements, though Gilbert says he's already at work, at least in his head, on the Next Thing. Which means that part of The Plan is working! As we know, he has always felt that lower power is the secret to maximum quality, so my educated guess is that the Next Thing will be an amp that's closer to the NSL in output but making use of the output technology of the NSI amps. So maybe a bit more power. 

We also expect continuing demand for the NSL. Coupled with the NSC preamp, I still consider it his most impressive piece, provided its 28/40 watts are sufficient for ones speakers. If your speakers are JMR Offrandes or other 8 ohm, reasonably sensitive speakers, and you really want to know how good they are, the NSC/NSL is the only choice. For some Gilbert Yeung/JMR fans, that will always be The Rig. 
But for those of us who must have 80/140 watts and have found we can't live without near full-range reproduction, I consider the NSI's to be the new standard. Coupled with my JMR Abscissa Jubilees, I have never before heard a presentation as complete: in range, tactile quality, authority, and presence -- qualities which are not often found in one system.  And that Gilbert has made it possible to get from a modest 002i all the way to an NSI G in reasonable steps (two of my customers are already on this trip), I expect this to be where most of the action will be. Both the NSL and NSI get the true, natural beauty of instruments like no other amps I know.
That said, there is a passionate corps who remain faithful to the slightly more euphonic and extremely appealing sound of the Gilbert of the earlier 2000's: the savory Model O22i and its siblings, the 1022 and NSP. There is no denying that in the domestic settings which we all inhabit, these amps, the latter two coupled with either a solid state 107 or tubed 3 Series preamp, can be extremely satisfying. Had we not heard the 002i and NSI's, we might never have questioned their point of view. And we still needn't. Audio is a highly personal diversion in which value judgments have less pertinence than I often give them. This new venture with Gilbert is not about me or my taste!
So yes, both of these schools of Gilbert Yeung will continue to be available as long as demand for them is sustained. It will be your demand that drives the boat. And, of course, Gilbert's imagination.
For more detail, go to And if you feel something important is missing, please let me know. 

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Re: First Post from Amherst Audio

Post by wstagner » Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:27 am

Way to go, Bob!

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