New 5 years Parts and Labor Warranty on stuff......

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New 5 years Parts and Labor Warranty on stuff......

Post by Gilbert Y » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:01 pm

Most companies sell you extended warranty for money. A lot of companies extend their warranty because their marketing department demands it so they can push more boxes out the door. Most public are impressed by the long warranty period no matter how unreliable the product is, as long as they can bring their stuff back to the dealer or get a replacement. We extend our warranty on most of our power line filters and conditioners products because we have been building power line filters and conditioners since 1998, we have ZERO failure. Zero return, zero defect. Not almost, not virtually, it's literally. Therefore we have put up the following additional warranty on our web site today.

Update Mar 14, 2018: The following items are warranted for 5 years part and labor. Custom parts not supplied by Blue Circle and
wear and tear items such as internal surge protector(s) are not covered under this new warranty.
BC60X1, BC30X1, BC6000, BC6000 X1e, BC6020, BC6020 X1e, BC660-6, 8 and 12, PLC Thingee 4 and 6 outlets, FX2 X0e CxT 4
and 6 outlets, Puck, Double Puck, 6X, 12X and 18X Sillycone Filters, Outpost 2, RPD15, GLB.

It is in this page.

I suppose some may ask would this new warranty retroactive? Well, I said we have had zero failure for the last 20 years. Do you need the warranty anyway?