Revisiting the O22i on its own terms.

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Revisiting the O22i on its own terms.

Post by bobneill » Tue Aug 18, 2015 3:47 pm

I have had my O22i now for several months. And listening to it in relation to my other gear, Blue Circle and others, I have developed a clearer impression of what it IS. It is an amp that shows us what and how important the physicality of music is. Where the NSP, for example, is eloquent and sometimes beautiful, the O22i while capable of beauty is passionate, visceral. The lower end of the piano, acoustic basses, and cellos in particular have a great sense of reality. We are conscious not just of bass information but the essence of bass. This is also evident in instruments who live further up in the range: we can feel their physicality, their foundation.

This is, of course, the 1022 talking but with a fine preamp stage to release it. What is remarkable is that the O22i does this without conspicuous losses elsewhere. When the O22i plays music, nothing else matters. It is the most emotionally expressive piece of electronics I've ever heard. Physical passion is not everything, I understand. Else there would be no NSP or NSL. More about that NSL later in late fall when I'll finally get to hear one. I can't go to my grave without hearing Gilbert at his alleged best. But I just want to say here that the O22i could make most of us happy forever.

P.S. What's interesting is that the longer you listen to it, the less aware you are of the bass. The O22i presentation with its strong bass simply becomes natural. The way it's s'posed to be!